Blockbuster Party Game Review

For a younger generation, the box pictured above means absolutely nothing. For the rest of us old folk, its nostalgia is undeniable. Long before the advent of Netflix, we went to video rental stores like Blockbuster to rent movies in VHS format.

When my wife Steff and I first saw this box on the shelf, we immediately did a double take. No, this isn’t a remnant from the past. It’s the box for a new tabletop party game featuring the Blockbuster brand.

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The Aging of X-Men

Now that I’ve gotten a footing with the modern comic book landscape, I’ve broadened my scope a bit to dig through the archives. My first dive was a huge success, as Batman: The Killing Joke from 1988 is awesome. Next on the list is the X-Men omnibus I picked up from Toronto Comiccon. Dating back to 1989-1991, this is the X-Men era that was current when I was a kid. Within the first few pages of the book, it was plain to see the effects of time on these comics.

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Wreck-It Ralph Micro Review

Saw Wreck-It Ralph when it came out and thought it was great. Beyond the cameos from real video game characters, it’s a movie that lives up to Disney standards. Whether you’re a kid or adult, there’s a lot to enjoy here; especially if you’re a fan of video games. With that said, I think there were opportunities to be even better that it doesn’t capitalize on. I think that it could have handled some of the main conflicts a bit better and pull the heart strings a bit more, but it doesn’t stop the overall experience from being a pleasure. This is one of the safest recommendations I can make to virtually any moviegoer.

Game Nerd vs. Movie Watcher: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

A few nights ago, my girlfriend and I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Walking out of that theatre and thinking about how much I enjoyed that movie put me in a weird mental space. On one side, the gamer in me was really happy to see video games represented with a level of love and respect that movies have failed to deliver on. On the other side, the movie watcher in me wasn’t so sure I enjoyed it for the all the right reasons.

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I Scene It Like A Zenith

I still vividly remember the moment I learned that Scene It was coming to the Xbox 360. I was watching the E3 live stream when it was revealed and I burst out laughing when I saw the ridiculous big button controller being pitched as a revolutionary step towards gaming for the masses. In my head I thought two things: