I Scene It Like A Zenith

I still vividly remember the moment I learned that Scene It was coming to the Xbox 360. I was watching the E3 live stream when it was revealed and I burst out laughing when I saw the ridiculous big button controller being pitched as a revolutionary step towards gaming for the masses. In my head I thought two things:

1) That controller looks awful and stupid

2) Those controllers are a complete rip-off of the Buzz controllers on the Playstation

While I still think the controller looks like a reject Fisher-Price toy, the demo of the original Scene It for the Xbox 360 did a lot to change my mind on the game. As someone who rarely ever watches movies, I didn’t think this game would be up my alley at all. However, after just one play-through of the demo with my brother, we knew we had to get Scene It on our 360 someday.

Years later, I finally picked up last year’s game, Scene It: Box Office Smash for a measly $20 with four big button controllers.

As a party trivia game, Scene It rocks pretty hard. There are a number of different question types and they’re all very easy to understand and play immediately. The packed-in controllers also add a lot to the experience, making the process of buzzing in and answering questions a piece of cake. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they’re not truly wireless, which means you need to be constantly aiming your controller at the sensor. My other gripe is question repetition, which seems to be a problem with any trivia game that isn’t updated online. I’ve already begun to see repeated questions, even though we just got the game.

Having owned this game for all of three days, I’ve already played it a bunch with friends and family and we’ve had a blast every time. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy a Scene It Xbox game for full price, but I would gladly pick this and any future iterations of the series up for $20 should I come across them. If you have any penchant for trivia games or movies, I’d definitely give Scene It a look.

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