Blockbuster Party Game Review

For a younger generation, the box pictured above means absolutely nothing. For the rest of us old folk, its nostalgia is undeniable. Long before the advent of Netflix, we went to video rental stores like Blockbuster to rent movies in VHS format.

When my wife Steff and I first saw this box on the shelf, we immediately did a double take. No, this isn’t a remnant from the past. It’s the box for a new tabletop party game featuring the Blockbuster brand.

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Extra Life 2018 – All of the Boss Rush Mini Games in One Playlist!

Keeping up with the tradition of playing a game show at the end of each Boss Rush episode, we played a number of Boss Rush Mini games in between actual video games. Can you identify celebrities based on their gaming exploits? Do you know how popular these gaming-related hashtags really are? Can you tell a video game movie’s Rotten Tomatoes score based on the critics’ consensus? And how controversial are these gaming opinions? Play along and let me know how well you did!

Jackbox Party Pack 3 Review

The You Don’t Know Jack series found a second wind with the Jackbox Party Pack. Each pack comes with a handful of party games that players control with their phones. These have worked so well in the past because they have a board game like quality to them, in that there’s no twitch action involved and they’re games that anyone can pick up and play.

Jackbox Party Pack 3 contains four brand new games, along with the sequel to Quiplash. It’s also the first to make it on the Nintendo Switch. Is this going to be the highlight of your next party?

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Wits & Wagers Family Edition Review

Wits & Wagers Family Edition is a “family friendly” spin-off of the hit trivia game. While I wouldn’t necessarily classify classic Wits & Wagers as being unfriendly to families, there are some changes to the core formula that further widen the game’s appeal. Is this revision worthy of your family’s next game night?

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I Scene It Like A Zenith

I still vividly remember the moment I learned that Scene It was coming to the Xbox 360. I was watching the E3 live stream when it was revealed and I burst out laughing when I saw the ridiculous big button controller being pitched as a revolutionary step towards gaming for the masses. In my head I thought two things: