A Look Back at NBA Street

With the relatively recent release of NBA Playgrounds, the name NBA Street has been thrown around a lot as a point of comparison. At first, I was hopeful that Saber Interactive would be reviving a style of arcade basketball that is long overdue for a return. Instead, I was disappointed to see that the comparisons were way off base. NBA Playgrounds is much closer in nature to NBA Jam than EA’s brilliant baller. Using NBA Jam as a template is fine, though it makes me long for NBA Street‘s triumphant return.

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Near-Perfect For It’s Time

It was the year 2000. Clutching my pre-order receipt that I’ve been in possession of for over a year, I went down to the local video game store to pick up my copy of Perfect Dark. Its spiritual predecessor, Goldeneye, blew my mind with a great single player campaign and at the time, God-like multiplayer. I must have put in hundreds of hours into that game, easily. Everything from trying to unlock all of the cheats in single player to all-out assaults on my friends and loved ones in multiplayer. Looking back, Goldeneye is one of those games that defined that whole generation of gaming.

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I Scene It Like A Zenith

I still vividly remember the moment I learned that Scene It was coming to the Xbox 360. I was watching the E3 live stream when it was revealed and I burst out laughing when I saw the ridiculous big button controller being pitched as a revolutionary step towards gaming for the masses. In my head I thought two things:

Modern Warfare 2 Review: All is Fair in Love and (Modern) War(fare)

During the early days of the World War II shooter (early 2000s), controlling a character from first person and shooting dudes was not really something I wanted to do. After games like Perfect Dark and Goldeneye sucked away hundreds of hours of my life, there wasn’t really anything out there like it that I wanted to play. None of the FPS games of that generation appealed to me and I couldn’t get a handle on playing these styles of games using dual analog sticks. Yes, that means I even missed Halo 1 and 2 in their prime. In the case of Call of Duty, I couldn’t handle a dual stick FPS and I didn’t want anything to do with WWII. Both of those elements combined for a series I had 0 interest in ever playing.

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Some Thoughts On the Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo

While the demo to Batman: Arkham Asylum has been available on XBOX Live and Playstation Network for a few weeks now, I haven’t had a chance to try it out until recently.

I must admit, I came into this demo with a bit of skepticism. Historically, almost every Batman game has been horrible, and the video game based on the Dark Knight movie was cancelled before it was officially announced because of how bad it was shaping up to be. Would this one be any different?

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According to Game Informer, 54.2% of XBOX 360 Consoles Break

The big console news to hit the Internet yesterday involved the results of a recent Game Informer survey. One of the questions they asked 5,000 of their readers was if they’ve had their systems break on them. Well, a startling 54.2% of respondents said their XBOX 360 has broken, which is in stark contrast to the Playstation 3 failure rate of 10.3% and the Wii failure rate of 6.8%.

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25 Things About Me As A Gamer

If I plan on selling you my voice and personality as the reason to regularly check in with this site, I probably should give you at least a few tidbits about me to start. If you’ve got a “25 Things About Me As A Gamer” that you’d like to share with me and the rest of the world, leave it in the comments section!

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