Hip-Hop Week | Just Blaze and the Instrumental Music of NBA Street Vol. 2

Hip-Hop Week continues! Let’s take to the streets where Just Blaze provided a soundtrack to streetball that still bangs today!

NBA Street Vol. 2 is a high watermark for arcade sports games. It found a brilliant balance between accessibility, depth, and swag for days. Though it’s been a while since I played it, one of the things that always stuck with me is its music. Look past the licensed tracks and you’ll find a killer selection of beats by Just Blaze, who was one of the hottest producers at the time, and still one of my faves to this day.

Here’s a pair of tracks that really stand out to me, but you should check out the whole soundtrack when you get a chance!

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Extra Life 2018 Marathon Highlights

Capturing some of my favourite highlights from our Extra Life 2018 marathon, including the Punch-Out #tysonchallenge, rookie chefs burning down the kitchen in Overcooked 2, Jackbox Party Pack 5 and its freestyle rap mini game, NBA Street V3 dunk contests with Princess Peach, Jenna playing the best Overwatch of her life, and so much more! Thanks again to everyone involved and we’ll do this again next year!

A Look Back at NBA Street

With the relatively recent release of NBA Playgrounds, the name NBA Street has been thrown around a lot as a point of comparison. At first, I was hopeful that Saber Interactive would be reviving a style of arcade basketball that is long overdue for a return. Instead, I was disappointed to see that the comparisons were way off base. NBA Playgrounds is much closer in nature to NBA Jam than EA’s brilliant baller. Using NBA Jam as a template is fine, though it makes me long for NBA Street‘s triumphant return.

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