The Death of 1 vs. 100 on XBOX Live

Nine months after 1 vs. 100 launched on XBOX Live, Microsoft announced earlier this week that the game would not return for a third season. While I did not play the game that often myself (which sort of makes me part of the problem), I thought that the game was very forward-thinking in its execution and quite fun to play. I’m sad to see it go.

Why did this happen? I don’t have any insider information on the situation, so anything I’m about to say is strictly speculation. But based on the information that’s publicly available and my understanding of games and business, I’m going to try and write my way through what I think happened.

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Modern Warfare 2 Boot Camp

Over these past few weeks of unemployment, the game that has monopolized my time is Modern Warfare 2. Having played multiplayer for just over 24 hours, a lot of that was “not fun”. I say that in the sense that for every time I killed someone, I died about 2.5 times. There were games where I would kill two people and die 20 times.

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Welcome Home, Sonic

Sonic has had a hard knock life ever since his heyday on the Genesis. He had a ton of problems transitioning into 3D (which most people say the Sonic games never really pulled off well), he’s been held back by stupid sidekicks, his old games have been shoddily ported to every platform imaginable, his new games have been riddled with gimmicks, and he’s even been subjected to bestiality. Eww.

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I Scene It Like A Zenith

I still vividly remember the moment I learned that Scene It was coming to the Xbox 360. I was watching the E3 live stream when it was revealed and I burst out laughing when I saw the ridiculous big button controller being pitched as a revolutionary step towards gaming for the masses. In my head I thought two things:

Some Thoughts on Left 4 Dead 2

Last year, the original L4D rocked my socks hard as the ultimate zombie game. Gathering up three of your friends and attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse made it one of the best multiplayer experiences ever conceived. However, many also felt the game was a bit light on content.

Just one year later (and to the surprise and dismay of some) Left 4 Dead 2 arrives in stores with five new campaigns, four new survivors and a bevy of upgrades. For the most part, I feel like Valve has this down to a science.

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Learning Street Fighter IV

A few nights ago, after a match of Street Fighter IV, I received a message from the guy I just beat. Usually, when I receive these types of messages, it’s either something like “good game” or some form of verbal harassment. This time though was different.

He asked me in a voice message (not in an exact quote, but you’ll get the idea), “How do you do moves and combos? I’ve only had this game for 2 days.”

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Now Loading – Blazblue: Calamity Trigger

On my way back from my trip, I picked up my pre-order on the regular edition of Blazblue: Calamity Trigger. I had no idea what this game was about till a few weeks ago, when the limited edition version was getting rave reviews from the press.

Now Loading – Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

This fighting game needs no introduction, as many still hail it as one of the greatest fighting games of all-time.

To me though, I’m basically jumping in cold. Back when this hit the arcades, I was a bit too young for my parents to let me just go to the mall and hang out at the arcades. Also, during the few chances I got to play this game, I was destroyed by a pro every single time.

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