Jett Plays Marvel vs. Capcom 2

This fighting game classic is the backdrop for more Marvel Comics discussion. I must warn you in advance though that I’m TERRIBLE at this game.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for iPhone and iPad Review

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is one of the most beloved fighting games of all-time. Casual fans loved it for the over-the-top action between their favourite comic book and video game characters, while hardcore players made it the battleground for the most high-stakes money matches in the history of the genre. After conquering the arcades and consoles, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is back; this time on your Apple iOS device of choice. Packing all of the characters and moves from the original, Capcom is hoping that you’ll take it for a ride one more time.

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My Recent Experiences Playing Arcade Fighting Games

Fighting games may have their roots in the arcade, but I almost never play fighting games on an arcade machine. In my part of the world, the arcade scene is very much dead. Within a 60km radius from downtown, I can think of only five actual arcades in existence. There are also movie theatres that have a handful of arcade games, but the vast majority of them don’t have fighting games.

With that said, I was caught off guard the other day when Steff and I went out to see The Ides of March. The movie theatre we went to had a Street Fighter IV machine and a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 machine. I was pretty excited to play both of these games as they were originally designed to be played, but disappointment set in rather quickly when I got my hands on the controls.
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The Canada Cup Begins Today

These last few weeks have been awesome for followers and players in the pro fighting game scene. We had Season’s Beatings a few weeks ago, SoCal Regionals and South Florida Challenge just last week and NorCal Regionals coming up next week. All of these events have (and will) feature the best fighting game talent from around the world, which has led to some amazing matches (and antics) for us to see.

Happening any minute now is the Canada Cup, which as far as I know, is the first major Canadian fighting game tournament. This one should be as big and entertaining as everything else the fighting game community has been spoiled with of late.

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Time For An Intervention

For the past few weeks, you’ve probably read a lot of my Street Fighter IV posts. Ever since I got an XBOX Live gold account in May, Street Fighter IV has become a huge part of my life. Besides dropping over 100 hours into the game and playing over 1600 online matches, I’ve spent a ton of time listening to Gooteck’s Street Fighter Podcast, reading the Street Fighter thread over at NeoGaf, watched any tournament videos I could on YouTube, and almost dropped $200 on a Mad Catz TE Fight Stick.

Now Loading – Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

This fighting game needs no introduction, as many still hail it as one of the greatest fighting games of all-time.

To me though, I’m basically jumping in cold. Back when this hit the arcades, I was a bit too young for my parents to let me just go to the mall and hang out at the arcades. Also, during the few chances I got to play this game, I was destroyed by a pro every single time.

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