Getting Off On the Wrong Foot with Indivisible (For Reasons That Aren’t Its Fault)

Powered by gorgeous visuals in-game and within cutscenes, Indivisible makes one heck of a first impression. And yet, I was almost completely repulsed by it for reasons beyond its control.

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Capcom Reveals its 16-in-1 Capcom Home Arcade Plug-and-Play Arcade Stick

Capcom is taking a different approach to the plug-and-play retro console.

Housed within a 22cm x 747m x 11cm unit with two built-in arcade sticks, the Capcom Home Arcade plugs directly into your TV while giving you the opportunity to experience some of Capcom’s arcade classics.

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SNES Hidden Gem! X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

A game I remember fondly from my childhood, X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse has kind of slipped off the radar. We give this slept-on X-Men game some love by playing through the opening missions!

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D-Pad Left Joycon

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Out Now: Mega Man X Collection 1+2

In anticipation of Mega Man 11, Mega Man X Collection 1+2 hit stores and digital download platforms today! You can buy them separately digitally for $19.99 US, or buy the physical bundle for $39.99.

My history with this particular branch of the franchise is murky at best. I adore the first game, but haven’t really spent much time with the rest. I still have the first six X games on the last collection for Gamecube, but maybe I’ll double dip to get it on a modern platform.

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Out Now: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is here! Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, you can 12 versions of the iconic series on a modern platform. If you pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions, you’ll also get a download code for Ultra Street Fighter IV, essentially giving you the entire series save for the latest game. Switch owners sadly won’t get Ultra Street Fighter IV, but they will get an exclusive tournament mode that could be cool with friends and extra consoles.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle threw a monkey wrench in my plans to grab this on day 1, but I do plan on grabbing this sooner rather than later!

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Falke Gameplay Reveal in Street Fighter V

After a series of returning favourites, Capcom introduces a brand new character to the Street Fighter universe. Falke was originally designed to be an M. Bison clone, but she has broken free of his grasp and now fights alongside of Ed as a member of his Neo Shadaloo faction. She has the ability to imbue Psycho Power into physical objects, which allows her staff to do more than just conk people on the head.

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Review

Rushed out the door in 2016 to coincide with Capcom Cup, Street Fighter V was released in an embarrassingly bare-bones state. While I initially praised the game for its great gameplay and detailed graphics, the launch product was woefully lacking in many ways. From a single-player suite that didn’t include a traditional arcade mode, to unstable netcode, to menu items that had “coming soon” messaging as placeholders, the sorry state that the game debuted in negatively impacted sales and public perception in a big way. Had it not gained a foothold as the premier fighting game esport, this game would have fallen off a cliff into obscurity.

Despite the bungled launch, Capcom has continually put in the effort to improve the product. In the summer of 2016, they added a story mode as a free update. The netcode has been stabilized for the most part. They’ve even added 12 more characters as paid DLC to boost the current roster size to 28, with another six on the way. Unlike those incremental fixes and updates, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is a sizable step towards the game that this should have been all along.

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Out Now – Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Today’s the day!

To Capcom’s credit, they’ve made many updates prior to this in order to improve the half-baked version of Street Fighter V they put out in 2016. But the Arcade Edition update is the first truly major shake-up to the game. Now including a long-awaited arcade mode, multiple V-Triggers for each character, new modes and more, the package here is probably what should have come out in the first place.

If you don’t have Street Fighter V yet, now’s a good time to jump in. At a discounted price, you’ll get the disc plus the first two seasons of DLC characters, raising your base roster up to 28. If you already own Street Fighter V, you’ll get the update for free, albeit without the extra characters.

Admittedly, my interest for the game has fallen off quite a bit. However, I will give this a go and maybe there’s enough improvements here to keep me around!

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Capcom Reveals Mega Man 11 Coming Late 2018

On a recent Capcom Unity live stream, they revealed that the Blue Bomber would make his triumphant return in late 2018 with Mega Man 11. It’s been seven years since the release of Mega Man 10, and fans have waited even longer for an entry in the series that moves past the 8-bit aesthetic.

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Changes I Want to See in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Capcom has taken a lot of heat for the incomplete state Street Fighter V launched in. To their credit, they’ve put in a lot of work post-launch to get the game into a better position. On top of that, they’ve done a tremendous job on the eSports side of things to make it the premier fighter on that front.

Still, the game, even in its current state, has left a sour taste in the mouths of many. With a major Arcade Edition on the way, here’s what I hope would be included, even if the likelihood of these suggestions coming to fruition is slim!

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