Sega Genesis Mini Live Stream featuring Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Streets of Rage 2, and More!

On the morning of Thanksgiving Monday in Canada, I sat down to sample a number of games on the Sega Genesis Mini! We played Sonic the Hedgehog, Tetris, Eternal Champions, Comix Zone, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Streets of Rage 2, Darius, Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse, and Virtua Fighter 2!

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Escape Jeux: The Paris Airport Arcade

[Originally written on Friday, June 12st at 1:23pm Paris time]

Getting to the airport was a scramble. Between sleeping in, our Uber taking its sweet time getting to our place, and somebody in our party who shall remain nameless having food in their carry-on, it was a chaotic end to what’s been a grueling trip. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a wonderful time in London and Paris. However, our schedule was so jam-packed with activities that we’ve barely had any time to sleep. Any ambitions I may have had to play games or create content fell by the wayside as soon as I fell asleep while playing Reigns: Game of Thrones on the plane during our first flight. Not necessarily the fault of the game itself, but I do have my issues with it. More on that another day.

But our trip has now come to a screeching halt. With our flight delayed indefinitely as I write this, I’ve got some time to breathe. Before I try best to fall asleep in this chair though, let me share something cool from the boarding area of the airport!

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Mega Man 11, 20XX, and Their Similar Approaches to Difficulty

Over the past few days, I’ve been obsessed with 20XX. Clearly inspired by the Mega Man series of games, 20XX puts its own twist on the run-and-gun gameplay by housing the game in a Roguelike framework. While I gave heavy praise for the ways it stands out, it’s similarities with the most recent Mega Man game run even deeper than I thought.

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20XX – Mega Man Roguelike on the Nintendo Switch Live Stream

Indie sleeper hit on the Switch? I think so! 20XX is a really cool twist on the Mega Man formula worth trying! On this stream, I make one run each with Nina and Ace, the X and Zero of the game!

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20XX Review

20XX by Batterystaple Games isn’t afraid to show where its inspiration came from. From the design of its main characters, to the feel of the game’s controls, right down to aping one of the most iconic intro screens in gaming, this is an unapologetic riff on the Mega Man franchise, particularly the X series of games. However, some fundamental changes to the core formula flip the standard bot-battling formula on its head.

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Mega Man, Captain Falcon, King Dedede, Greninja and More Join My Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster!

The grind continues! This time, we were able to unlock a bunch of characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including Mega Man, Captain Falcon, Sheik, and more! Thank you to everyone that dropped by the stream and I hope to see you next time @!

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Mega Man 11 Review

Long time, no see! Not having starred in a new game since the release of the fan-made Mega Man X Street Fighter in 2012, many feared that the Blue Bomber would never find his way back. Six years later, he makes his triumphant return in Mega Man 11. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but is this game a welcome return for Mega Man?

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Mega Man 11 – Block Man and Bounce Man Live Stream

Mega Man 11 is live! I take on my first two robot masters: Block Man and Bounce Man! Block Man’s stage gave me a bit of trouble, but Bounce Man’s stage almost caused me to rage quit the stream!

Mega Man 11 Demo!

The Blue Bomber is back on Nintendo Switch! Armed with two new abilities, we get our first taste of Mega Man 11 and the Block Man stage on Casual and Normal difficulty. That boss fight is really cool!

Out Now: Mega Man X Collection 1+2

In anticipation of Mega Man 11, Mega Man X Collection 1+2 hit stores and digital download platforms today! You can buy them separately digitally for $19.99 US, or buy the physical bundle for $39.99.

My history with this particular branch of the franchise is murky at best. I adore the first game, but haven’t really spent much time with the rest. I still have the first six X games on the last collection for Gamecube, but maybe I’ll double dip to get it on a modern platform.

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