Getting Off On the Wrong Foot with Indivisible (For Reasons That Aren’t Its Fault)

Powered by gorgeous visuals in-game and within cutscenes, Indivisible makes one heck of a first impression. And yet, I was almost completely repulsed by it for reasons beyond its control.

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My Struggle With 3D Fighting Games

Over the past decade, I’ve overcome so much in the world of fighting games. Coming into Street Fighter IV as a lapsed fan of the genre with barely any skills to begin with, my knowledge and skills have developed to a point where I’m proficient in numerous fighters. However, there’s at least one entire sub-genre that I suck at: 3D fighting games.

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Thoughts on the Upcoming Release of Project X Zone 2

I wanted to like the original Project X Zone much more than I actually did. Rife with all of the characters I would expect from Capcom, Bandai Namco and Sega, and a thick serving of fan service, the actual experience of playing the game was hugely disappointing. Save for a flashy combat system that had a smidgen more depth than meets the eye, it was a piss poor attempt at a turn-based strategy game. Featuring a stupid story filled with anime cliches and gameplay that was completely devoid of strategy, this was nothing more than 40 hours of mercilessly smashing hapless baddies ad nauseam.

To my surprise, a sequel is in the works. To my disappointment, it seems as though little has been learned from the first game.

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