Did You Miss These Hidden Gems on the Nintendo eShop?

With so many amazing games on the Nintendo eShop, it’s easy for titles to get buried. Especially indies! I take a moment to showcase four amazing Nintendo Switch games on the eShop that you might have missed!

While this technically isn’t my first foray into YouTube content, I’m approaching the challenge with a lot more knowledge and somewhat better equipment. Hoping to establish a steady pipeline of non-streaming video content in 2020! Enjoy!

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Check Out My Review of Indie Game: The Movie on Splitkick.com

Not too long ago, I got a chance to see an advanced screening of Indie Game: The Movie as part of the Hot Docs film festival. It was a very cool event that included a special Q&A with the creators of the film and Phil Fish. If you have any interest in checking out this movie, head over to Splitkick.com to check out my review!