Indie Game: The Movie Review

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“I will kill myself if I don’t finish this game,” proclaims Phil Fish, when asked about next steps if he fails to complete Fez, the game he’s been creating for over 4 years. People generally don’t mean it when they use that expression, but there’s an undeniable air of sincerity that accompanies Phil’s words. Why would a man be ready to kill himself over a game? Within minutes of watching Indie Game: The Movie, the answer becomes readily apparent.

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My Review for Indie Game: The Movie is Now Featured on the Movie’s Official Website

When I went and saw Indie Game: The Movie awhile back, I did not envision this as the outcome. The review I did for Splitkick is currently featured in the Press section of the Indie Game: The Movie official website alongside a nice pull-quote.  Is it too much to ask to also get featured on the DVD/Blu Ray box? Just kidding. This is awesome! Thank you to the team at Indie Game: The Movie for the recognition!

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Check Out My Review of Indie Game: The Movie on

Not too long ago, I got a chance to see an advanced screening of Indie Game: The Movie as part of the Hot Docs film festival. It was a very cool event that included a special Q&A with the creators of the film and Phil Fish. If you have any interest in checking out this movie, head over to to check out my review!