Indie Game: The Movie Review

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“I will kill myself if I don’t finish this game,” proclaims Phil Fish, when asked about next steps if he fails to complete Fez, the game he’s been creating for over 4 years. People generally don’t mean it when they use that expression, but there’s an undeniable air of sincerity that accompanies Phil’s words. Why would a man be ready to kill himself over a game? Within minutes of watching Indie Game: The Movie, the answer becomes readily apparent.

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Heavy Rain Movie Being Made

I’m normally not one to get excited about video game movies, because they’re basically all terrible. But if any video game had a shot at being a good movie, I think Heavy Rain is that game. According to Variety, who broke the news,Warner is going to be the one taking that shot. They’ve hired on David Milch, Bob Shaye and Michael Lynn to produce the film. For whatever reason, they’re also dropping the word ‘heavy’ from the title, as the film will simply be called “Rain”.

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Late to the Party: Tron

Yes, I know. I’m late. 28 years late to be exact. To be fair, I wasn’t alive when the movie came out and by the time I was old enough to understand the world around me, Tron was old news. For as long as I can remember though, it’s been referred to in popular culture countless times and often mentioned as a film that helped bring computers, computer-generated graphics and video games to the mainstream.

I’ve always felt bad as a gamer and all-around nerd for not having seen Tron. Thankfully, my girlfriend and I recently watched it a few days ago and enjoyed it for the most part. I’m pretty tired right now, so I don’t have the mental capacity to write something fully thought out. However, I did want to share some assorted thoughts about the movie.

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