Games That Expanded My Horizons

With money and time as an finite resource, it’s very easy to stay in a comfort zone with the video games you play. But sometimes, you get rewarded for escaping your imaginary box. Despite my previous negative response to art games like Journey and The Unfinished Swan, trying out Gris on the strength of a recommendation from Kris and Rachel from Double Jump proved to be a worthwhile endeavour.

Here are a few more games that I’ve played that expanded my horizons in ways I wasn’t expecting.

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Top 10 Games of This Generation – Honourable Mention: Heavy Rain

“Silly Jett. Games are for kids!”

Though not expressed in those exact words, this is the stance my dad has taken on video games for many years. Though he spent much of his teenage years playing arcade games, and watched me grow up with the medium, he never understood why I’ve held on for as long as I have. The reality now, is that people don’t grow out of games, and games have started to grow up with us. Heavy Rain is a great example of the latter.

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Heavy Rain Movie Being Made

I’m normally not one to get excited about video game movies, because they’re basically all terrible. But if any video game had a shot at being a good movie, I think Heavy Rain is that game. According to Variety, who broke the news,Warner is going to be the one taking that shot. They’ve hired on David Milch, Bob Shaye and Michael Lynn to produce the film. For whatever reason, they’re also dropping the word ‘heavy’ from the title, as the film will simply be called “Rain”.

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Heavy Rain Review


For a game I’ve been dying to play all year, I’ve taken my sweet time to get around to it. For starters, I’ve only had a PlayStation 3 since September. Even then, that’s given me months to pick this game up. I’ve come very close to buying it on my own many times, but have consistently passed on it for ‘safer’ games, like Uncharted and God of War.

Thankfully, my girlfriend righted this wrong I set months ago by giving this to me as a Christmas present. Having played it to completion, I’m mad at myself for not having played this game earlier. Heavy Rain is one of the most refreshing and unique games I’ve ever played.

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An Open Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Let’s cut to the chase. You know I’ve been a good boy and you’re a generous guy. You know you want to leave me something nice under the Christmas tree, but I’m a terrible person to get gifts for. I have a bad habit of purchasing everything I want before anyone has a chance to give it to me.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult, especially with my help. If you click through to the rest of this post, I’ll give you a few suggestions.

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Heavy Rain and the Potential of Truly Mature Games

Over the past year, I’ve been following any media I find on Heavy Rain for the Playstation 3. At first, I only knew this as the game that introduced me to the concept of the uncanny valley. And even though the game’s Quick Time Event based gameplay doesn’t excite me enough to buy a Playstation 3, I really hope this game sells well because Heavy Rain means a lot to the future of mature games.

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