The Recurring Bosscast: 017 – Brotherly Love And The Super Nintendo


“Why can’t Metroid Crawl?” is the jumping off point for our Super Nintendo retrospective episode. We reminisce on some of our favorite games, how the console brought us together with our respective brothers and how the TurboGrapfx-16 forever scarred Jett’s relationship with his parents.

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In Third Person’s 5 Favourite Nintendo Wii Games

In just a few weeks, the Nintendo Wii era will officially be over. The system’s legacy in hindsight will be a weird one. Sure, it was the best-selling console of its generation, but it became #1 by catering to the once-untapped casual gamer. In the process, Nintendo alienated most of its core gaming community with a system and software lineup that just wasn’t up to snuff when compared to the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3.

With that said, the Nintendo Wii did build up a good catalogue of games that could hold their own against the best on any console. In no particular order, here’s In Third Person’s top 5 favourite Nintendo Wii games.

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Closing Thoughts on Donkey Kong Country Returns

After wrapping up Donkey Kong Country Returns, many of my original sentiments still rang true. It’s still a great game that surpasses the scope and quality of the original by leaps and bounds. The only real flag I need to wave here is that it gets really difficult.

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Early Impressions of Donkey Kong Country Returns

 The Donkey Kong Country series used to be a staple of Christmas cheer in my household. I received all three Donkey Kong Country games from Santa on the years they came out. Though I have extra-fond memories of the first one, all three games were pretty good. However, ever since Donkey Kong 64 in the late 90s, DK hasn’t really starred in his own platformer. Instead, he’s spent over a decade starring in spin-off titles and making regular guest appearances in games like Mario Party.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is a welcome return to form. Besides being a return to Christmas tradition for me, this game goes back to the series 2D platforming roots. As of writing, I’ve just beaten world 2, but I wanted to share a few thoughts on what I’ve experienced so far.

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An Open Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Let’s cut to the chase. You know I’ve been a good boy and you’re a generous guy. You know you want to leave me something nice under the Christmas tree, but I’m a terrible person to get gifts for. I have a bad habit of purchasing everything I want before anyone has a chance to give it to me.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult, especially with my help. If you click through to the rest of this post, I’ll give you a few suggestions.

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