Fight of Gods Review

On the third day he rose again…to fight? Jesus stars in Fight of Gods, where he and other religious figures partake in immortal combat for reasons that are never fully explained. The core concept behind the game was intriguing enough for me to give it a try. Does Fight of Gods provide an otherworldly fighting game experience?

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Jesus lives on Nintendo Switch! Fight of Gods out now in Asian markets with English release details to follow soon.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seemingly has everyone on its roster. But does it have Jesus? Fight of Gods does.

First released as a Steam Early Access game in 2017, Fight of Gods already had a novel concept going for it, as it’s a fighting game where Gods of different faiths duke it out. But it really caught the spotlight (and my attention) when Jesus was added to the roster. There’s a sizable portion of the world that’s going to take offense to his inclusion in any game, let alone one where he’s battling other Gods. As such, I never thought this game would see the light of day on a console.

But surprise! In Asian regions (or if you have an Asian eShop account), you can buy Fight of Gods on the Nintendo Switch eShop today. Also, based on the tweet from the developers above, the game is coming out in English, though they specifically don’t mention in what region. I’m hopeful for a North American release, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that never sees the light of day in the western world.

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An Open Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Let’s cut to the chase. You know I’ve been a good boy and you’re a generous guy. You know you want to leave me something nice under the Christmas tree, but I’m a terrible person to get gifts for. I have a bad habit of purchasing everything I want before anyone has a chance to give it to me.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult, especially with my help. If you click through to the rest of this post, I’ll give you a few suggestions.

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