How Ring Fit Adventure Addresses the Mistakes of Wii Fit

I struggle with exercising for the sake of exercising. As ridiculous as this may sound, the idea of running or lifting weights for the sake of improving my health isn’t enough of a motivator for me to move. Give me a basketball and a hoop though, and I will play till my body gives out. Or give me a smartphone with Pokemon Go, and I will walk more than I normally would. To-date, my in-game tracker says that I’ve walked 4,600+km since the game launched in 2016.

Wii Fit sort of tried to gamify the act of exercise through mini games. However, I bounced off of it quickly because it felt more like an exercise tool than a game or activity. Ring Fit Adventure – Nintendo’s latest entry into exercise games – looks to take the gamification of fitness to the next level.

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In Third Person’s 5 Favourite Nintendo Wii Games

In just a few weeks, the Nintendo Wii era will officially be over. The system’s legacy in hindsight will be a weird one. Sure, it was the best-selling console of its generation, but it became #1 by catering to the once-untapped casual gamer. In the process, Nintendo alienated most of its core gaming community with a system and software lineup that just wasn’t up to snuff when compared to the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3.

With that said, the Nintendo Wii did build up a good catalogue of games that could hold their own against the best on any console. In no particular order, here’s In Third Person’s top 5 favourite Nintendo Wii games.

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Rayman Origins Review

For much of Rayman’s life, he’s suffered from an identity crisis. After his stunning debut outing, Super Mario 64 seemingly made 2D platformers obsolete. Ubisoft felt obligated to move Rayman into the third dimension, which led to a string of mediocre 3D platformers. Eventually, Rayman would find his name slapped on the Raving Rabbids mini-game collections, where he ultimately got out-shined by his insane rabbit compadres.

With seemingly nowhere else to go with the franchise, Ubisoft takes him back to his 2D platforming roots with Rayman Origins. Within minutes of playing this reboot, it’s clear that he never should have left.

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Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Review

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, at first glance, is not a game I should like for a number of reasons:

1) I was never a fan of any Spyro games
2) I’m close to 20 years older than the target audience this game was created for and marketed to
3) I’ve grown weary of video game peripherals and add-on purchases, which the entirety of this game is built around
4) I’m generally not a fan of the “Gauntlet-style” of game.
5) I don’t like the thought of going into a Toys R Us to buy myself action figures for my kiddie video game

As curious as I’ve been to play it, I’ve put up all sorts of mental barriers to stop myself from playing this game at all. Then I got it for Christmas and I played the heck out of it. I made up all the excuses in the world to not play it, but it ended up winning me over in a big way.

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Pick Up Post – Sin and Punishment: Star Successor


Did you ever play the original Sin & Punishment? Unless you’re from Japan, imported a copy of the Nintendo 64 game or bought it on the Virtual Console, probably not. It’s a Treasure-developed shooter that’s sort of like StarFox or Panzer Dragoon. It never made it anywhere outside of Japan until it hit the Virtual Console, which was a shame, because that game was awesome. I loved every minute of it when I played it on Virtual Console, even though I was over 10 years late to the party.

To my surprise, Nintendo green-lit a sequel to that game for the Wii last year. Despite the positive reviews, the lack of marketing support and overall weirdness of the game doomed it to sales mediocrity.

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Closing Thoughts on Donkey Kong Country Returns

After wrapping up Donkey Kong Country Returns, many of my original sentiments still rang true. It’s still a great game that surpasses the scope and quality of the original by leaps and bounds. The only real flag I need to wave here is that it gets really difficult.

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The Unfortunate State of the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console


For those with a jones for retro gaming, the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console was supposed to be a dream come true. It was supposed to be the home of every old Nintendo game you could ask for. As time passed, the Virtual Console grew to include the Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, Sega Master System, Commodore 64 and arcade games. It’s been almost 5 years since the launch of Virtual Console, and we as consumers have access to over 300 games.

On the surface, that sounds decent. I’ve been able to buy a few favourites, try older games I’ve never played before and even grab a Japanese import game that never came out here (in my case, the very awesome Sin and Punishment). However, that number isn’t even close to representing the full catalogue of platforms represented in Virtual Console. Between the NES, SNES, SMS, Genesis, TG16, N64 and Neo Geo, the Virtual console has only made 10% of their combined catalogue available to consumers. It’s only going to get worse, as the once weekly updates have slowed to once a month, if we’re lucky.

What started out as an amazing idea is fizzling fast. How did Nintendo screw up what should have been a sure-fire win?

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Girlfriend Gaming: Dance on Broadway Review

Dance on Broadway is a very interesting game. When Ubisoft scored huge with Just Dance, there was no question that they would capitalize on that success. What I didn’t see happening though, was Ubisoft creating a dancing game based on Broadway musicals. I’m not sure if there are enough aspiring Broadway dancers that want to live out their Hairspray dreams through a Wii game to justify this game’s existence.

Even my girlfriend, who just so happens to be a fan of Just Dance and musicals, was reluctant to pick this up. With only 20 songs on the disc, it’s not easy to justify picking this up at regular price. Thanks to a Wal-Mart sale that took 50% off the regular price, she now owns it and we’ve strutted and shimmied our way through a number of show tunes. I haven’t played through every song, but I think I’ve played enough to say if this one deserves a standing ovation or whether it should exit stage left.

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Excited for Rock Band 3?

When it comes to my level of excitement for the release of a game, not many games in my life matched the hype I felt the original Rock Band. I was in the apex of my Guitar Hero love around the time when rumblings of a full-band music game from the developers of Guitar Hero II appeared on the Internet. When the rumblings finally turned up this initial video for the Rock Band proof of concept, I was sold. So sold, that I was the first person to pre-order the full Rock Band kit at my local EB Games and was even the first to pick up my kit because I showed up at the same time as the guy who was delivering the Rock Band kits to the store.

Three years, four Rock Band branded games, hundreds of hours played and hundreds of downloadable songs bought later, I’m kind of burned out on the plastic instrument formula. I forced my way through Lego Rock Band for the achievements and can’t find the motivation to even begin the career mode in Green Day: Rock Band. Rock Band 3 looks to revive the genre with new features, new songs, and for those who want it, a pro mode that takes the genre into realistic new heights. Are these changes enough to bring me back in?
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Married to the Mob

Before I invested in an XBOX 360, I was starved for core games as a Wii-only owner. I was going through a drought in games to play, and the Wii version of The Godfather was starting to pick up buzz. I had never watched a Godfather movie or played a Grand Theft Auto game before, the promise of being able to point my Wii remote as a gun or beat thugs down with swinging fist motions seemed really cool. Also, when you don’t have that many options to choose from, you’re more willing to step outside your comfort zone for some satisfaction.

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