Pick Up Post – Sin and Punishment: Star Successor


Did you ever play the original Sin & Punishment? Unless you’re from Japan, imported a copy of the Nintendo 64 game or bought it on the Virtual Console, probably not. It’s a Treasure-developed shooter that’s sort of like StarFox or Panzer Dragoon. It never made it anywhere outside of Japan until it hit the Virtual Console, which was a shame, because that game was awesome. I loved every minute of it when I played it on Virtual Console, even though I was over 10 years late to the party.

To my surprise, Nintendo green-lit a sequel to that game for the Wii last year. Despite the positive reviews, the lack of marketing support and overall weirdness of the game doomed it to sales mediocrity.

This late in the game’s life cycle, buying the game new for $10 probably does little to change Nintendo and Treasure’s future plans for the franchise, but at the very least I have one more awesome game to look forward to. I’ve watched my brother play a little bit of it and it appears to be well-suited for the Wii remote.

As much as I’d like to say this is worth your $10, it’s a super niche game that is likely only to appeal to fans of the first game, otaku or bullet-hell-style shooters. If you’re looking for a more solid opinion on Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, check back soon for impressions!

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