Married to the Mob

Before I invested in an XBOX 360, I was starved for core games as a Wii-only owner. I was going through a drought in games to play, and the Wii version of The Godfather was starting to pick up buzz. I had never watched a Godfather movie or played a Grand Theft Auto game before, the promise of being able to point my Wii remote as a gun or beat thugs down with swinging fist motions seemed really cool. Also, when you don’t have that many options to choose from, you’re more willing to step outside your comfort zone for some satisfaction.

I picked this up on day one, not quite knowing what to expect really. I had read the reviews and seen this trailer, but not having played this style of game before didn’t give me any real context to base my own opinions from.

If you haven’t played this, or have played the non-Wii versions of the game, you’re probably wondering how the controls perform. While they are not perfect, I thought they were very satisfying, especially in combat. I loved the ability to aim the gun with my hand and beating guys down by actually throwing punches did add to the experience. In particular, I liked all the things you could do when you grabbed a guy. Most famously among my high school friends, I grabbed a prostitute in the game and threw her off a balcony. Yeah, that wasn’t the most gentlemanly thing of me to do.

At the time, I thought the game was really fun. I can’t really speak on how closely the story followed the movie, but there weren’t any missions that stood out to me as annoying, boring or bad. I liked the side stuff where you could shake down local store owners to take control away from rival gangs. This process was kind of repetitive, but I enjoyed it enough to shake down every store and bar owner in New York. Having played a number of GTA games since then, I thought The Godfather: Blackhand Edition stacks up fairly well. It’s ultimately not as good, but if you’re looking for more open-world goodness, it was a good game to check out.

The only glaring flaw I remember clearly about the game were its visuals. Unfortunately, the graphics aren’t the greatest, especially when playing on an LCD or plasma TV. One weird thing though is that I found the game to look just fine on a CRTV. Regardless of what TV you have, the art style does not cover up the technical deficiencies put on the system due to the large open-world.

If you’re still looking for core games to play on the Wii, I recommend you check out The Godfather: Blackhand Edition. I’m sure you can pick this one up for dirt cheap used.

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