Impressions on the Green Day: Rock Band Demo

I like Green Day. I like Rock Band. Therefore, Green Day: Rock Band should be a day-one purchase for me, right? Maybe not. I’m definitely starting to feel burned out on the music game genre, and I’m not sure I want 47 Green Day songs at once. Going into this demo, I was a bit skeptical about what I’d find.

For anyone expecting the “Beatles” treatment on Green Day: Rock Band, you’re for the most part correct. It’s essentially Rock Band re-skinned for Green Day. I won’t waste your time on the obvious stuff, so let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

This two-song demo featured “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and “Welcome to Paradise”. “Boulevard” was pretty easy and the latter was pretty challenging on everything except vocals. It was fun few minutes, but it didn’t quell any of my big concerns.

While I feel that Green Day in general is a great fit for Rock Band, I’m not sure a 47-song disc is the right avenue for them. My big concerns deal with the style of their music and how it fits into the Rock Band engine. Due to the chord-heavy structure of their music, guitar players will be playing a lot of two and three-note chords and not much in the way of solos. It can get very repetitive chugging on the same three chords over and over again, but I guess that’s also a symptom of music in general.

Drummers are in for a beat-down in this game. Green Day has a lot of really fast songs with quick and difficult to play drum patterns. This probably won’t affect anyone except the expert crowd that isn’t quite expert enough to beat the hardest of hard songs, but it’s worth noting nonetheless. Sure, you can drop the difficulty or put on no-fail, but pride can be a delicate thing.

My last musical concern is that these songs won’t be terribly difficult to sing. Billie Joe does not have the widest vocal range and their style of music isn’t really that hard to sing along to. I guess for the purposes of partying, this is probably a good thing. It also doesn’t hurt that my generation of gamers probably knows most of these songs well enough to sing them.

I would have loved to get this content in smaller chunks. I’m not sure if I’m ready to slug through 47-straight Green Day songs over the course of one game. I guess ultimately my point is moot thanks to the export feature, which lets users rip all the Green Day: Rock Band songs into Rock Band 2, but as a stand-alone product, I’m not so sure.

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