2010 Year in Review: My Pile of Shame

When I buy a game, I have every intention of playing it at some point. This is common behavour amongst most gamers. However, sometimes I just don’t get around to everything I buy. As a kid I didn’t have this problem, but as I got more money to spend on games, I had less time to actually play them.

This stack of games that hardly gets played or never gets played at all is often known as the pile of shame. My pile has been accumulating for the last few years now, and 2010 has only made it bigger. Click through to see a few of the games I added to the pile of shame this year.

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Impressions on the Green Day: Rock Band Demo

I like Green Day. I like Rock Band. Therefore, Green Day: Rock Band should be a day-one purchase for me, right? Maybe not. I’m definitely starting to feel burned out on the music game genre, and I’m not sure I want 47 Green Day songs at once. Going into this demo, I was a bit skeptical about what I’d find.

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