Show Your Discord Chat Within Your Twitch Stream By Using Discord StreamKit

Among Us is the hot game right now, particularly in the world of Twitch. Most of its best parts involve players debating whodunnit. As a viewer, it can be difficult to know who is talking, since you usually only see the streamer.

While browsing Pokimane‘s stream, I noticed that she had a particular solution to this problem. How did she get her Discord voice chat bubbles to appear on screen? Follow this guide and you can have this feature on your stream too!

1. Head over to It presents you with options for installing it within OBS or XSplit, but really there’s nothing to install, as it just spits out a browser source. Odds are, you can use this in whatever streaming software you use.

2. Click on the tab for Voice Widget. From here, you can map the widget to a Discord voice channel and tweak its presentation settings. This will not work for private voice chats, so you may need to set up a new server for your group.

Note: if you’re already in the specified voice channel, speaking into your microphone will activate the preview on the right. As you speak, you can see exactly what the widget will look like.

3. Once you’ve got it copy the URL under the preview.

NOTE: if you make any adjustments to the settings, you will need to grab a new URL for the changes to be reflected in your streaming software.

4. In OBS/XSplit/whatever streaming software you use, add a new browser source. Paste the URL in the URL field and set the dimensions to 312 wide by 600 high.

5. Place the new widget wherever you want it to appear. Double-check that it works by talking into your mic while you’re in the specified Discord voice channel. If it works, you’re golden!

Next time you stream Among Us or anything with Discord voice chat, consider leveraging the Discord StreamKit for its neat voice chat overlay! While you’re there, you might want to check out the Discord StreamKit homepage, as there are other features it offers that could be beneficial to your show. Let me know which ones work best for you!

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