Among Us: The Hottest Game in the World is Quite the Handful to Play in an Ideal Setting

Though the game was first released in 2018, Among Us has really blown up in 2020. A sizable chunk of that credit goes to streamers who have help to spread the word about its existence. But beyond simply showcasing the game, they’ve also showcased the best (and most difficult) way to play. I get the sense that most players are having a considerably worse experience than their favourite streamers.

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Show Your Discord Chat Within Your Twitch Stream By Using Discord StreamKit

Among Us is the hot game right now, particularly in the world of Twitch. Most of its best parts involve players debating whodunnit. As a viewer, it can be difficult to know who is talking, since you usually only see the streamer.

While browsing Pokimane‘s stream, I noticed that she had a particular solution to this problem. How did she get her Discord voice chat bubbles to appear on screen? Follow this guide and you can have this feature on your stream too!

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Hori’s Nintendo Switch Headset Could Be a Sign of Continued Dark Times for Nintendo’s Online Experience

Nintendo has been riding high off of the success of the Switch in recent months. While the system isn’t perfect, it certainly proved to be a step in the right direction in most regards. However, the console’s online infrastructure has been largely nonexistent, as Nintendo has said it will roll out in full alongside of a phone app. Well, if Hori’s headset and adapter combo is any indication, online communication is still going to suck on a Nintendo platform.

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