Inked Up! – Splatoon 2 Live Stream

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Splatoon 2. Do I have what it takes to keep up? In between matches, we deep dive into predatory business practices in gaming, the NASA/Space X launch, Pokemon plushies, and snacks!

Click through for the full stream, highlights, and shoutouts!

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Tetris 99’s 5th Maximus Cup Gives You The Opportunity to Earn a Splatoon 2 Skin!

While I knew that new skins were on the way for Tetris 99, I wasn’t expecting this!

Starting on Friday, July 12th at 12:00am PT to Monday, July 15th at 11:59pm PT, you can unlock a Splatoon 2 skin in Tetris 99! All you have to do is partake in the game’s online battle mode and earn 100 event points. Unless you finish 99th place every time, you should be able to unlock the skin without much trouble.

From what I’ve seen, the theme looks and sounds great! Love the visual cues it takes from Splatoon, while also incorporating the game’s different themes in smart ways. Once I unlock it, I plan on using this theme for quite some time!

As a heads-up, I have preliminary plans of streaming Tetris 99 this weekend with this theme! Not sure if it’s going to be on Friday or Saturday morning, but I’m looking forward to us enjoying this Maximus Cup together! You can follow me at and turn your notifications on so that you don’t miss it! You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram where I always make an announcement before I go live!

Now that Nintendo has opened the doors for skins to go beyond past classic Tetris themes, where would you like to see Tetris 99 draw inspiration from?

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Splatoon 2 Review

The original Splatoon was a bold new step for shooters. Nintendo found an innovative way to make a compelling shooter where precision accuracy wasn’t a requirement. As such, it was a fresh experience that a wide variety of players could enjoy.

By virtue of Splatoon 2 being a direct sequel, it was never going to shock the world in the same way its predecessor did. On top of that, Nintendo hasn’t done too much to shake up the core formula. What it may lack in surprise it compensates for with refinement.

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Out Now: Splatoon 2

Years after shocking the world with a spectacular debut on the Wii U, the Inklings are back with Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch! This one seems to feature more of everything you love, with a few big new additions, such as a horde mode and a beefier single player campaign.

I enjoyed the original a great deal, but for some reason it fell out of my rotation fairly quickly. This time around, I hope to play a lot more of it. My copy is in the mail and hopefully it will arrive later today. Are you picking this one up today as well?

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Hori’s Nintendo Switch Headset Could Be a Sign of Continued Dark Times for Nintendo’s Online Experience

Nintendo has been riding high off of the success of the Switch in recent months. While the system isn’t perfect, it certainly proved to be a step in the right direction in most regards. However, the console’s online infrastructure has been largely nonexistent, as Nintendo has said it will roll out in full alongside of a phone app. Well, if Hori’s headset and adapter combo is any indication, online communication is still going to suck on a Nintendo platform.

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Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Impressions

The first global testfire for Splatoon on the Wii U was a watershed moment for that game. Many were skeptical about the game, as Nintendo was stepping into unfamiliar territory with this team-based shooter. Within one weekend, it silenced the skeptics and became a smash hit upon release.

If it worked the first time, why not try again? Over the weekend, Nintendo gave players access to a beta build of Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch. Was this beta enough excite existing fans and potential new players alike?

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Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Live Stream

The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire will be occurring at set times throughout the weekend. I’ll be on whenever I can to stream it! Starting tonight at 11pm EST, you can tune in here to watch live or my archived footage from the weekend!

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5 Nintendo Switch Games I’m Excited For

With the release of the Nintendo Switch incoming, it’s time to get excited for some of the new games coming our way. Here are a few games that we know are on the way that I’m pumped for!

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