Me vs. Popular Opinion

A few weeks ago, after putting up with hearing me talk about Metacritic, website reviews and podcast discussion about new games, my girlfriend said something that took me aback.

“You put a lot of stake in other people’s opinions when it comes to games.”

While I do feel that my opinion ultimately comes first, yes, I do put a lot of stake in the opinions of others when it comes to games. I think ever since Famitsu began running reviews in the late 80s, public opinion has been a huge part of video game culture. For a hobby as expensive as this one, it’s no wonder that gamers have looked for second opinions before making very expensive purchases.

With the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2, I find myself a bit conflicted as my personal opinion of the first game makes me reluctant to sip the Galaxy 2 Kool-Aid.

Say what you will about the first Mario Galaxy, but it didn’t grab me. I can recognize and respect all of the wonderful things that game did, but I got burned out on it two-thirds of the way through and I had to force myself to beat it years later.

Now the sequel is out, and the reviews are even more glowing than the reviews for the original. In a lot of cases, universal acclaim for a game holds a lot of weight to me. I would go out of my way to try games that rate that highly, even if it may not be within my taste range.

Heck, I’ve even played some Galaxy 2 at Best Buy, and thought the 15-minute chunk I played of it was great. However, I’m still reluctant to shell out the dough for the sequel because it’s a shame on me if I’m fooled twice.

Right now, I’m going to abstain from purchasing Super Mario Galaxy 2. As wonderful as everyone says it is, I don’t want to get burned like I did with the last one. Now if my brother caves and gets it, then maybe I’ll have impressions on it soon.

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