Getting Off On the Wrong Foot with Indivisible (For Reasons That Aren’t Its Fault)

Powered by gorgeous visuals in-game and within cutscenes, Indivisible makes one heck of a first impression. And yet, I was almost completely repulsed by it for reasons beyond its control.

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Messing Around in Skullgirls Encore

Hooked up the PS3 and tried out Skullgirls Encore for the first time! Neat game and I’m excited to play 2nd Encore on the Switch when that’s released!

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Universal Fighting Game Guide: How to Improve Through Losing

The fighting game genre is defined by the process of at least two competing parties fighting each other to determine a winner and loser. As someone who has been playing fighting games seriously for the past few years, I’ve lost thousands of matches in virtually every way imaginable. I almost beat Arturo Sanchez in AE 2012 until I choked at the very end of the final round. I’ve been destroyed by Marlinpie at Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in a tournament. Most recently, I lost a match in Street Fighter X Tekken to an opponent who beat me by pressing only one button. Regardless of the circumstances around any given loss, the feeling that came with losing sucked every time.

In this installment of the Universal Fighting Game Guide, we’re going to focus on the least desirable outcome of any given match. Though the act of losing always spawns some level of anger, sadness and frustration (or in fighting game community terms, ‘salt’), it doesn’t have to end there. Losses today can be leveraged to help you gain wins tomorrow. Instead of simply getting mad, let’s talk about how to use losing as a means of getting better.

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Check Out My Editorial Piece “May The Lesser Man Win” Now on

Up now on Splitkick is my first editorial piece for them entitled “May the Lesser Man Win: Parallels Between Boxing’s Latest Debacle and Modern-Day Fighting Game Design“. The idea for the piece has been floating around in my head for awhile, but the recent bout between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley ultimately was the catalyst for me pulling those ideas into a fully-formed piece. If an op-ed piece about the role of field-leveling mechanics in fighting games is something of interest to you, definitely head over to Splitkick to check it out!

This is also my first piece as a Staff Writer, which Splitkick announced officially in their one-year anniversary celebration post. Thanks to everyone on the Splitkick team for embracing me as one of their own. It’s been a pleasure working with Splitkick and I’m looking forward our future endeavours!

My Experience at Toryuken

(Me [right] vs. Rikir [left]  on the Toryuken main stage and live stream of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3)

The ability to excel in a high-pressure situation does not come naturally to most. I, for one, have found this to be the case with everything I do in life – especially in my foray into competitive gaming. I’ve suffered from a seemingly unshakable case of tournament nerves, which has plagued my ability to play to my full potential. It’s hard not to let the nerves get to you when playing for your tournament life in front of a large crowd that is judging your every action.

The cure for shaking nerves? Practice. If you put yourself in a high-pressure situation enough times, you body and mind should get accustomed to the situation. Going into Toryuken – my third tournament to date – I was hoping that this would be the tournament where I could shake off my tournament nerves once and for all.

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Thoughts Going into Toryuken, Canada’s Next Big Fighting Game Tournament

In just a few days, Canada’s next big fighting game tournament touches down in Toronto. Toryuken is being run by the team at Toronto Top Tiers and I’m fairly certain it’s going to be hype. They were the same team behind T12 and overall, it was a great tournament and a great experience. I encourage everyone in the area to come down to body fools, support the FGC and get hype. If you can’t come down, make sure to tune into the live stream at

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3 Game Projects That Deserve a Kickstarter Campaign

Say what you will about Tim Shaefer’s legendary game industry career, his most recent accomplishment of utilizing Kickstarter as a means of funding the creation of a video game could very well be his most profound in hindsight. Since he raised millions of dollars towards his point-and-click adventure game, it’s opened the door for countless other game creators to follow suit. Odds are, this Kickstarter revolution will be directly responsible for the creation of a number of games that never would have been possible without crowdsourcing for funds.

Having put some thought into this, I’ve put together a list of 5 gaming projects that deserve a Kickstarter campaign. I would love to see these come to life, and I’d probably throw in a few bucks if someone was going to give these an honest try. I’d love to hear from you what game projects you’d love to see get a Kickstarter campaign so you can help make them happen too! Drop a line in the comments!

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Skullgirls Review

For a number of reasons, Skullgirls is a blast of fresh air in the fighting game genre. Not bound by the design or gameplay standards of a renown publisher or developer, the team at Autumn Games laid the ideas on thick. However, unique thinking doesn’t always lead to a fun game. Does Skullgirls manage to pull it all together to provide an experience on the same level as the giants in the genre?

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Out Now: Skullgirls

Pretty much since the inception of the genre, fighting games have been dominated by a handful of major publishers and developers, such as Capcom and SNK. Outside of the hack-fest known as Mugen, I can’t think of an indie fighting game that’s made any sort of impact on the scene. Skullgirls aims to kick history in the face by being an indie fighting game that makes a big splash. The game is available now on PSN and XBOX Live Arcade.

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