Thoughts Going into Toryuken, Canada’s Next Big Fighting Game Tournament

In just a few days, Canada’s next big fighting game tournament touches down in Toronto. Toryuken is being run by the team at Toronto Top Tiers and I’m fairly certain it’s going to be hype. They were the same team behind T12 and overall, it was a great tournament and a great experience. I encourage everyone in the area to come down to body fools, support the FGC and get hype. If you can’t come down, make sure to tune into the live stream at

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Jett vs. Gabriel6937 in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012

In today’s Jett Vs. post, we’ve got a match between my Cammy and Gabriel6937’s Ryu. This was a slobber-knocker of a match that I had fun being a part of. Click through to see the fight and some match analysis from me!

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Jett vs. CK0 Phantom, a Top 10 Dhalsim in Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012

On today’s edition of Jett vs., I face off against some lofty competition. CK0 Phantom at the time we fought, was the #7 ranked Dhalsim on XBOX Live. Going into the match, I was really nervous, as I was facing someone a few levels above me, and someone who had their mic plugged in and was freely cursing back at me. Hearing the person on the other side always puts me on edge, and sometimes it rattles me to the point where I play worse. Was I able to overcome my nerves to win?

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Jett vs. AceUnlimited: The Street Fighter IV Salty Runback

The last time I ran into AceUnlimited, who is the #1 ranked Guy player on PSN, I felt like I put up a pretty good fight. Granted, in the six matches we played, I did not win once, but I think I hung in there pretty well. In particular, the first match in our set came down to the wire. To be honest, I’ve been a bit salty about it ever since.

As luck would have it, we would run into each other again on XBOX Live. Would the salt running through my veins be enough to power me to victory against the same person that bodied me convincingly the last time we played?

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The Best of Sako Street Fighter IV Compilation

I have no shortage of idols when it comes to Street Fighter IV. However, when it comes to choosing my favourite Street Fighter IV player, that honour belongs to Sako. Thanks to his creativity, extremely offensive approach and his masterful execution, Sako is arguably the most exciting player to watch. I never get bored of watching Sako destroy his opponents in the most creative and technically challenging ways imaginable. I’d go as far as saying that watching Sako play as Cammy and Rose is the reason why I use them as my two main characters today.

Thanks to YouTube user AnomuraSe, you can now get the Coles notes video of why Sako rocks. This 20-minute Best of Sako video has some of the most incredible displays of offensive firepower ever caught on tape. Click through to watch the video! Also, let me know what you think of it in the comments!

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Jett vs. AceUnlimited, the #1 Ranked Guy Player on PSN Street Fighter IV

Me reaching #1 for Rose and Cammy in my country is pretty impressive. Reaching #1 in the world? Slow-clap worthy. In the thousands of online Street Fighter IV matches I’ve played over the years, I’ve never run into a #1 ranked player until recently.

AceUnlimited is the #1 ranked Guy on PSN. I ran into him in ranked match and we fought each other a number of times that night. Enclosed in this post is the entirety of our set. I’ve taken out some giants in my day, but did I bite off more than I could chew on this one? Click through to find out!

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Jett vs. TS Sabin (Arturo Sanchez) in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012

Arturo Sanchez is widely recognized as one of the top Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat players in North America. He’s won and placed high in many major tournaments and he also famously beat Daigo in a first-to-five money match back in 2009 during a time when people thought Daigo was invincible. I’ve been a fan of his Dhalsim and Rose pretty much since I first started watching fighting game streams and videos in 2009.

To my surprise, I ran into him on XBOX Live and did not hesitate to match up with him. Idol worship aside, I kind of had a chip on my shoulder going in. He was commentating my match against Chi Rithy at T12, and though I deserved it, I was a bit salty at how badly he clowned me on the stream. Though the deck was heavily stacked against me, did I manage to get in at least a little bit of revenge on TS Sabin?

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Game Design Talk: Making Fun Games For the Shallow and Deep Ends of the Pool

A few days ago, I was listening to the most recent episode of the Weekend Confirmed podcast that featured David Jaffe, the original designer behind God of War and Twisted Metal. One topic they talked about in particular caught my ear, and it was a discussion about making games fun for different skill levels. The analogy they used was a pool, where the shallow end of the pool was the place for entry-level players and the deep end for the hardcore crowd.

Making a game that is rewarding to all skill levels is hard.

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Jett vs. Niysx in Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012

Jett Vs. is back! Sort of. Last time I ran this series of posts, they were universally ignored by readers for any number of reasons. Because the readers weren’t there and these posts take a lot of work to create, I decided to stop running the series. However, over the past few months of leveling up and working towards world domination, I’ve compiled what I think are some pretty good match videos worth sharing.

In this post, my Cammy faces off against Niysx’s M. Bison.

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Jett vs. Sherryjenix in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012

This edition of Jett vs. features Sherryjenix. She’s one of the most recognizable Street Fighter IV players in the scene thanks to her skilled C. Viper. Some of her recent accomplishments include taking out Combofiend at Wednesday Night Fights and placing 33rd at Canada Cup 2011, arguably the most talent-filled fighting game tournament to date. If you’d like to learn more about her, check out her site and check out this interview conducted by Rok the Reaper.

I was fortunate enough to play a few matches with her over XBOX Live and I thought the matches were worth sharing. Click through to watch our matches!

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