The Return of Street Fighter X Tekken?

In a recent interview with, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono had some interesting things to say about the future of Street Fighter X Tekken.

Ono: In Street Fighter X Tekken’s case, if we’re able to get just a little more development budget allocated to the project, I think we might release one more patch for the game. We’ve even got the details of what we’d change in the patch planned out.

Tsubaki: Is that so!? But in all honesty, what I’m hoping for here is a sequel to the game. After all, even with Capcom vs. SNK, it wasn’t until CvS2 that it became a huge hit. Even today it’s still hailed as an incredible fighting game. So I was hoping for a similar development to happen with Street Fighter X Tekken.

Ono: That’s what I’ve always been telling the company too. But at the end of the day, there are just some brick walls that a salaryman can never overcome *laughs*. For instance, if a game doesn’t sell over 2 million copies, then we’d have to put the brakes on any plans for a sequel. All that means is that we weren’t capable enough. And all we can do after that is to reflect on the experience, take what we can learn from it, and try to apply those lessons on some other title.

Having thought that the game died a long time ago, it’s interesting to see anything about it now. Does the franchise deserve another shot?

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Thoughts on Ultra Street Fighter IV

While we knew that Capcom was working on an update to Street Fighter IV, they announced at EVO that the update would be meatier than originally expected. In early 2014, the latest update will include five new characters, six new stages and new modes.

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While Injustice: Gods Among Us might be the new hotness, it doesn’t mean that Street Fighter X Tekken is chopped liver. Heck, after the major balance patch earlier this year, it is more worthy of your time now than it ever has been. If you’re looking to get into the genre’s ultimate mash-up, may I suggest you take a look at my

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Coming Soon: Street Fighter X Tekken Version 2013

Up to this point, this match made in fighting game heaven has been anything but. Having lost many of its potential fans through the on-disc DLC debacle, and a myriad of gameplay issues (among other things), this seemingly sure-fire hit has been the biggest bust in the genre for quite some time.

With that said, fighting games always evolve. From Street Fighter II to Super Street Fighter II Turbo, it can take a few iterations before perfection is found. Capcom is hoping that they get it right the second time with Street Fighter X Tekken Version 2013, which is a free major patch being introduced tomorrow.

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2012 Year in Review: Most Disappointing Game

Let’s get this point out of the way: Mass Effect 3 is not my most disappointing game of 2012. Sure, I am as butt hurt as everyone else over its terrible ending, but a terrible ending isn’t enough to completely sink a game that is really good otherwise. Instead, my vote for most disappointing game of the year goes to a title that started out great, but ultimately fell way short of my expectations.

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The Long Road to Redemption for Street Fighter X Tekken

I’ll never forget my first few hours at Toryuken, Toronto’s most recent major fighting game tournament. Scrambling for someone to partner with me for Street Fighter X Tekken, I was repeatedly rejected by dozens of players, all of whom claimed to not play the game. Inside the main room, not a single station was running the game. As the tournament was nearing its start time, one of the tournament organizers got on the mic and asked the community if it was alright if they set up a Street Fighter X Tekken station, and the crowd roared with boos. Though I’d seen a number of negative comments about the game by players in blogs, and message boards, seeing the hate manifest in that way made the sentiment really hit home for me.

Players have had no shortage of reasons to dislike this game, from its on-disc DLC, to the inclusion of the controversial gem system, to its garbled mess of gameplay systems, one game-breaking glitch, and then some. Starting now, however, Capcom is hoping to take steps to reinvigorate this under-performing title.

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My Experience at Toryuken

(Me [right] vs. Rikir [left]  on the Toryuken main stage and live stream of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3)

The ability to excel in a high-pressure situation does not come naturally to most. I, for one, have found this to be the case with everything I do in life – especially in my foray into competitive gaming. I’ve suffered from a seemingly unshakable case of tournament nerves, which has plagued my ability to play to my full potential. It’s hard not to let the nerves get to you when playing for your tournament life in front of a large crowd that is judging your every action.

The cure for shaking nerves? Practice. If you put yourself in a high-pressure situation enough times, you body and mind should get accustomed to the situation. Going into Toryuken – my third tournament to date – I was hoping that this would be the tournament where I could shake off my tournament nerves once and for all.

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Game-Breaking Glitch Discovered in Version 1.04 of Street Fighter X Tekken

In an attempt to fix infinite combos, Capcom has introduced a far worse problem. In version 1.04 of Street Fighter X Tekken, the game will crash if Rolento’s kunai makes contact with any fireball in the game. This impacts both the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 versions of the game.

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Thoughts Going into Toryuken, Canada’s Next Big Fighting Game Tournament

In just a few days, Canada’s next big fighting game tournament touches down in Toronto. Toryuken is being run by the team at Toronto Top Tiers and I’m fairly certain it’s going to be hype. They were the same team behind T12 and overall, it was a great tournament and a great experience. I encourage everyone in the area to come down to body fools, support the FGC and get hype. If you can’t come down, make sure to tune into the live stream at

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Game Design Talk: The Broken New Auto Block and Auto Tech Gems in Street Fighter X Tekken

Not too long ago, Capcom released a series of new gems for use with Street Fighter X Tekken. Though I’ve grown into being a gem-hater over the last few months, the original set of gems had little impact on the overall outcome of a match. However, I found out the hard way that the new set of auto block and auto tech gems are a much bigger deal. Why are they such a problem?

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