2012 Year in Review: Most Disappointing Game

Let’s get this point out of the way: Mass Effect 3 is not my most disappointing game of 2012. Sure, I am as butt hurt as everyone else over its terrible ending, but a terrible ending isn’t enough to completely sink a game that is really good otherwise. Instead, my vote for most disappointing game of the year goes to a title that started out great, but ultimately fell way short of my expectations.

Street Fighter X Tekken

When this game first came out, all signs indicated that this was going to be the next major fighting game release that would occupy my time for the next few years. However, as time passed, everything fell apart. There was the on-disc DLC scandal. The overpowered gems. The questionable character balance. The Rolento game-breaking glitch. And most damning of all…the game just wasn’t as fun as its contemporaries. While the Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 continue to thrive in the competitive community, Street Fighter X Tekken has been essentially left for dead.

I put a lot of time to it early on, but my enjoyment of the game really took a nose dive when I worked my way up towards the higher tiers of play. The style of play required to win was just wholly uninteresting to me. Though I did buy the DLC characters, they weren’t nearly enough to bring me back into the mix.

Based on my recent history with Capcom fighting games, this should have been game of the year. Instead, it just fell way short of my expectations. Barring a serious re-design the next time around (if there is one), this series is toast.

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