Is Your Nintendo Switch Overheating? Here’s How to Replace the Fan in Your Nintendo Switch!

Is your Nintendo Switch making weird noises? Getting really hot to the touch? Overheating every time you try playing games in docked mode? Congratulations. The fan inside your Switch is probably busted. At least that’s what happened in my case. Based on the research I did, it seems like this is an unfortunate reality for many Nintendo Switch owners.

A broken fan sucks, but it’s not a death sentence for your console. Even if you’re out of warranty, this is something you can probably fix on your own. I went through this process myself and it addressed all of the ailments my Switch was suffering from.

If you’re willing to perform this procedure on your console, here’s a step-by-step guide to follow along with!

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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Live Stream Featuring Lots of Arcade1Up Street Fighter II Talk

We play Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection as a jumping off point for an extended conversation about what I liked and didn’t like in the Arcade1Up Street Fighter II machine. I wanted to like it so much, but the issues I had with it were too hard to ignore. The short story is the video at the top, and the full stream is below where I also answer questions and share my overall thoughts on the arcade cabinet!

Want to watch me live? Subscribe to my Twitch channel @inthirdperson!

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Arcade1Up Street Fighter II Review

It’s been a lifelong goal of mine to own a Street Fighter II arcade machine. Despite owning multiple copies of the game across almost every platform I own, there’s nothing quite like playing this classic in its original form. Placing a quarter at the top of the control panel before rubbing shoulders against your opponent in the heat of battle is the experience that millions the world over had with this classic.

Trying to buy and maintain a vintage Street Fighter II cabinet from the 90s is a nightmare in modern times, but Arcade1Up aims to bring the arcade experience home in a way that’s the closest we’ve ever come to owning the real thing. With its Street Fighter II cabinet, you can play head-to-head against your friends or the AI in three legendary titles in one machine. Is this my dream come true?

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Street Fighter V’s Terrible Launch Day

When I was playing my final retail copy of Street Fighter V before launch, everything was great when it came to its online functionality. Yesterday, it was abysmal. Disconnects everywhere, matchmaking was very slow, and for a while, didn’t work at all.

This sucks for everyone involved. Online games usually have problems at launch, but they ran the beta four times for this! Yet still, it breaks catastrophically. I’m guessing this will be fixed sooner rather than later, though this first night of Street Fighter V in the wild has been depressing.

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So How About That Street Fighter V Beta?

I saw that a few people got into training mode and one person actually got in a few matches, but it’s been a complete disaster so far. Most of my night was spent staring at a black screen. Infrequently I would get to the title screen, only for the game to say it was disconnected from the server and reverting back to the black screen.

This is an ongoing situation that I’m sure Capcom is frantically trying to fix. Thankfully, they’ve also announced that the beta will be extended to make up for lost time. For now though, I’m bitter that I bailed out on a party only to waste my time with this broken mess of a beta. Fingers crossed for us all that this is resolved soon!

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Ultra Suck Fighter IV: PlayStation 4 Edition

In its current state, Ultra Street Fighter IV on the PlayStation 4 sucks. I personally haven’t run into the more egregious stuff that some people have reported, but what I have seen is inexcusable. Sluggish menus. Online UI all out of place so that usernames cut off. Audio out of sync or cutting off. Decapre’s Scramble move running at a slower speed and traveling a shorter distance. Worst of all is the input lag. For a system with this level of horsepower, it’s inexcusable that it actually runs worse than both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. Three frames may not sound like a lot, but when many combos have timing windows that are 1 or 2 frames, it’s actually really hard to adjust if you’ve played this game elsewhere.

All things considered, the current state of Ultra Street Fighter IV on PlayStation 4 is baffling. This is pretty much worse in every way compared to its last gen brethren. Capcom, Sony and Other Ocean should be embarrassed for letting this half-baked port of an old game out the door in this condition. Until this is patched to fix all of these issues, don’t buy this.

That Time I Had an Apple Watch for Less Than 24 Hours Before it Broke

This one still stings.

Recently, a concerted effort was put forth by my family, friends and I to get me an Apple Watch for my birthday. As a sucker for Apple products and as someone who is highly prone to splurging on big ticket items on my birthday, this seemed inevitable. For the first night, I was very excited to explore all of the nuances that make this device tick (pun intended).

As part of this exploration process, I decided to unpair it from my phone. Displayed on my screen was a message that read something like, “This may take a while.” Little did I know that it would take much more than a while. When the process seemingly completed, the watch turned off. Holding the power button, it simply refused to move past the Apple logo. Knowing something was wrong, I hurriedly took it to the Apple store close to my work.

The good news is that Apple will take care of me for free and I’ll have a fixed or new watch. The bad news is that I’m watch-less for a few weeks and now have to live with the fear of bricking this thing again. Steff thinks I shouldn’t have tried to unpair it while on the subway, since I didn’t have access to a steady internet connection. There may be some truth to that, though I would like to believe that Apple would have considered this scenario in the design process.

From my research, this particular problem hasn’t been reported by anyone else, though I have my suspicions as to what happened. During the unpairing phase, the watch makes a back-up of its data on the phone. I’m guessing that this process failed, taking everything with it, including all of the data required to boot up. Something similar happened to me years ago with my iPod Nano, as a failed firmware update bricked that minutes after taking it home from the store. Maybe I should reconsider my fandom for a company whose hardware track record has been spotty with me at times, from the Nano incident, to an iPhone 4 with screen damage under the glass as soon as I opened it, and now this.

Was hoping to publish a review on the Apple Watch, but that’s obviously going to have to wait. You better believe though that this incident will show up in my final verdict. Fingers crossed for the rest of you Apple Watch owners that you won’t suffer the same fate!


How I Gave Up On Battlefield 4


I don’t consider myself as someone who is easily swayed by graphics. However, I couldn’t help but feel a bit taken aback by how gorgeous Battlefield 4 looked at first glance. There was a level of fidelity to its visuals that was beyond anything I’d seen before. If you’re looking for a showpiece game to impress your friends, this is as good as it gets right now.

If only the rest of the game reached the same highs as its graphics. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 version of the game was a buggy mess.

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My Sony PlayStation 3D Display Has Died From the Blinking Red Light of Death

So much for that positive review. I’ll have to go back and edit that now.

Sat down at my gaming desk last night and attempted to turn on my Sony PlayStation 3D Display. Instead, no picture appeared, and a red light flashed under the screen. Turns out, there are a lot of complaints about this all over the internet. Though I wasn’t able to track down the cause, I’ve read that when this happens, the TV is toast.

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Game Design Talk: The Broken New Auto Block and Auto Tech Gems in Street Fighter X Tekken

Not too long ago, Capcom released a series of new gems for use with Street Fighter X Tekken. Though I’ve grown into being a gem-hater over the last few months, the original set of gems had little impact on the overall outcome of a match. However, I found out the hard way that the new set of auto block and auto tech gems are a much bigger deal. Why are they such a problem?

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