Street Fighter Week | How Street Fighter II Changed the Game Forever

Street Fighter Week begins on In Third Person! We begin with the game that changed everything: Street Fighter II!

The original Street Fighter sucked. Street Fighter II is one of the greatest video games of all-time. The turnaround between the two products is down-right fierce (see what I did there?). What changed between the two titles to make the latter a meteoric success? Let’s run down a list of factors that contributed to the rise of Street Fighter II!

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Arcade1Up Street Fighter II Review

It’s been a lifelong goal of mine to own a Street Fighter II arcade machine. Despite owning multiple copies of the game across almost every platform I own, there’s nothing quite like playing this classic in its original form. Placing a quarter at the top of the control panel before rubbing shoulders against your opponent in the heat of battle is the experience that millions the world over had with this classic.

Trying to buy and maintain a vintage Street Fighter II cabinet from the 90s is a nightmare in modern times, but Arcade1Up aims to bring the arcade experience home in a way that’s the closest we’ve ever come to owning the real thing. With its Street Fighter II cabinet, you can play head-to-head against your friends or the AI in three legendary titles in one machine. Is this my dream come true?

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To buy or not to buy a Street Fighter II arcade machine? Jason and Randy weigh in!

I bring Jason and Randy into my internal debate on whether I should buy an Arcade1Up Street Fighter II arcade cabinet. We then talk about their arcade lineup, which has some other surprisingly good machines in it!

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Debating the Merits of Buying an Arcade 1UP Street Fighter II Arcade Machine

There are no shortage of reasons for not owning an arcade machine. They’re expensive. They take up a lot of space. Unless you’re hacking it to run MAME and taking away the “purity” of the original game, their functions are pretty limited. They’re a pain to maintain. The list goes on.

But if I were to ever own an arcade machine…just one…it would be a Street Fighter II cabinet. One of the most symbolic machines in all of arcade culture, I have vivid memories of that game blowing my mind when I first saw it and spent too many quarters playing it over the years. Best of all, it’s still a great game worth playing today.

Arcade 1Up¬†caught my eye when they announced a few months back that they were releasing new Street Fighter II machines. Having now stumbled across them at my local Walmart, my mind is in a tizzy trying to figure out if this is the time to finally make a lifelong dream of mine come true. In order to sort my feelings out, I’m going to write out both sides of the argument and see where I land at the end.

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Capcom and Iam8bit Collaborate to Release a Collector’s Edition of Street Fighter II on the Super NES

Haven’t bought more copies of Street Fighter II in my lifetime than I’d like to admit, Capcom is clawing at my wallet yet again. This time, the Super NES version of this classic returns in a playable cartridge. Along with the other goodies that come with the package, this limited release will run you $100.

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The Greatest Bits Returns With A New Street Fighter II Tribute Album

After a long hiatus, friend of the site The Greatest Bits returns with a Street Fighter II tribute album.

Capcom’s legendary fighter also contains some of the most iconic video game music of all-time. Each stage theme perfectly captures the personalities of each character and the on-screen action. The Greatest Bits sent me a copy of this album to listen to and I think this features some his best work yet.

If you like what you’re hearing from the track above, grab a song or the album on iTunes.

Random Memory of Playing Street Fighter II on the Sega Genesis

Did you ever play Street Fighter II on the Genesis with the default 3-button controller? I’m sure a lot of you did. Didn’t it suck to have to hit the start button every time you wanted to switch between punches and kicks? Imagine trying to sell a control scheme like that through now.

Happy 20th Birthday Street Fighter II

Has it really been 20 years? Apparently so. Street Fighter II is officially 20 years old this month, which is definitely something worth noting for gamers of all tastes and walks of life. Street Fighter II is one of those revolutionary games that changed the course of the entire medium. It birthed the fighting game genre as we still know it today. It’s control conventions and design choices originally set by Street Fighter are still used in fighting games and other genres. It revived the arcade scene. It defined a whole era of gaming. Most importantly, it’s legacy still carries on in the hearts of many a gamer that have thrown a hadoken in their lifetime.

Yours truly is one of those gamers that will forever have a soft spot for that game. Outside of owning three copies of this game (not including any updates like Champion Edition or Super), this game changed my life.

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Review of Street Fighter II on Capcom Arcade

I have been excited for the release of Capcom Arcade ever since the iPhone app was announced. It’s a freemium application that allows players to play classic Capcom arcade games either by using up the 3 free tokens you get every day, buying 10 tokens to use at any point for $1 or buying the game to play without limits for $3.

Being able to sample Ghosts & Goblins, 1942 and Commando is great, though I have no real interest in playing them in depth. However, there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to buy Street Fighter II, which is also available with Capcom Arcade. Even though Super Street Fighter IV is on the cusp of being my favourite Street Fighter game of all-time, nothing will ever touch the nostalgia I have for Street Fighter II. Considering how awesome Capcom handled Street Fighter IV on the iPhone, I was expecting nothing less than the same treatment for this timeless classic.

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Lost In Translation

Over the weekend, I was out with my girlfriend on a date that partially consisted of a trip to the local…I’m hesitant to call it an “arcade”, cause it’s more of an amusement place with lots of arcade games in it. Semantics aside, they had a Street Fighter IV arcade machine there. This is significant because Capcom never made a North American arcade version, so this place actually imported a machine (not the one above, but something like it). I didn’t think this place in particular would do that, but there it was and I had to give it a go.