Capcom and Iam8bit Collaborate to Release a Collector’s Edition of Street Fighter II on the Super NES

Haven’t bought more copies of Street Fighter II in my lifetime than I’d like to admit, Capcom is clawing at my wallet yet again. This time, the Super NES version of this classic returns in a playable cartridge. Along with the other goodies that come with the package, this limited release will run you $100.

The idea of game publishers re-releasing games in their original formats is fantastic. Just like how record companies are releasing their old music on vinyl, there’s a segment of gamers that would love to get their hands on new prints of old games in their original forms. Since this is labeled as part of a series, I’m greatly looking forward to what other games may come out in their original formats.

However, a few things give me pause about this specific package. For one, relative to what you’re getting, this package is very pricey. At this point, you can still get an original used copy of Street Fighter II for peanuts at pretty much any place that sells used SNES games. On top of that, there’s the whole warning that this specific game may cause your SNES to catch fire. Um…

In any case, if you’re interested in owning this cool slice of history, head over to Iam8bit and scoop one up before they run out!

Buy Ultra Street Fighter II Now From

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