I’m Going to Fan Expo Canada 2017!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

From August 31st to September 3rd, Fan Expo returns to Toronto and I’ll be attending for my 8th consecutive year. Will be the first to admit that I’ve been lukewarm on this year’s event due to what’s currently been scheduled, but I know that once I’m there, my hype levels will pick up and I’ll have a great time.

Here’s a few standout things to me that I’m looking forward to checking out!

Visiting the Nintendo Booth

Nintendo will be bringing Super Mario Odyssey to the show. Great for most who haven’t played it yet. However, having been fortunate enough to try it out a few months ago, I’m most excited for the ARMS tournament that they’ll be hosting at the show. Looking forward to throwing down against stiff competition!

Video Game Voice Actors Making an Appearance

Nolan North, Troy Baker, and Charlet Chung will be at the show, doing panels, photo-ops and autograph signings. I’ve seen the first two at a table read presentation and they were hilarious. While I’m not necessarily an Overwatch fanatic, I do enjoy that game and D. Va is the only character I play as, so being able to say thanks to Charlet Chung in person could be cool. Nerf this!

Rick and Morty Creator and Star Justin Roiland Will Be There!

Having just jumped on the Rick and Morty bandwagon, I’m looking forward to seeing his panel!


Niantic is Hosting an Official Pokemon Go Panel!

They’ll be there to announce the latest in news as well as answer fan questions. Coincidentally, their panel will happen around the time the legendary birds leave the rotation. Is it time for Mewtwo? And can they please give all in attendance one for free?!


Seeing All the Cool Cosplay

From professional cosplayers, to fans who attend the show just wanting to show off their latest costumes, it’s a joy to see everyone dressed up. My wife makes a costume every year for the show, and this year’s costume is her most ambitious one yet!

Buying Too Much Stuff

Every year, I tell myself this is going to be the year when I keep my Fan Expo spending to a minimum. Then I come back with a truckload of nerdy merchandise. This year, the goal is to keep my spending to a minimum. Let’s see if I can actually follow through this time!

Being Among Friends

And not just my wife, brother, and other family and friends that will be in attendance. I mean all of the attendees who come to the show with a passion for nerdy and popular culture. I love being in large crowds of people who have a passion for the things I like, and I even appreciate those who have a deep passion for things I don’t like or understand. At the end of the day, we’re all fans and it’s fun to celebrate together!

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