EGLX 2019 in Pictures

The Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo is the largest video gaming convention in Canada. Though the event has been taking place for a few years now, this was my first time attending. Here’s an assortment of pictures and a recap of what we experienced!

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A Day at the Pretty Heroes Convention in Toronto

Originating as a Sailor Moon convention years ago, Pretty Heroes in Toronto has expanded in size and scope. More fandoms are represented, though Sailor Moon is still the star of the show. The convention has moved to a larger venue just east of the downtown core. And it’s also the first year my wife and I were in attendance!

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Game X 3.0 Recap

Over the weekend, Steff and I attended the Game X convention. Taking place just west of Toronto in a hotel ballroom, it was the first convention I’ve been to that was dedicated solely to video games. Let me give you a peek at what you missed!

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I’ll Be at Hamilton Comic Con Today!

Excited to be hopping in the car this morning and driving over to The Hammer for my first ever Hamilton Comic Con! I’ll be there primarily in support of my wife and sister-in-law, as they’re set to compete in their first ever cosplay masquerade. Wishing them both the best of luck! However, when they’re not in the heat of competition, I’ll definitely enjoy everything the show has to offer, from the shopping, to the panels, and more! In particular, I’m still debating whether I want to get a picture taken with one of my all-time favourite wrestlers, Rob Van Damn.

I’ll try my best to post images and video from the show on my Instagram so you can follow along. Maybe I’ll see you there even? I’m gonna guess no, but who knows!

I’m Going to Fan Expo Canada 2017!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

From August 31st to September 3rd, Fan Expo returns to Toronto and I’ll be attending for my 8th consecutive year. Will be the first to admit that I’ve been lukewarm on this year’s event due to what’s currently been scheduled, but I know that once I’m there, my hype levels will pick up and I’ll have a great time.

Here’s a few standout things to me that I’m looking forward to checking out!

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I’m Going to Fan Expo 2015!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Toronto fans of all things nerdy, as Fan Expo Canada returns! If memory serves me correctly, this will be my 6th time going to the show. Here’s what I’m excited for this year!

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Going to Niagara Falls Comic Con!

Niagara Falls Comic Con, here we come! For the first time, Steff and I will be heading out of town for a convention. Not expecting the scale of Fan Expo Canada, but I’m definitely looking forward to a Saturday of quality nerd time.

Some of the headlining guests include David Hasselhoff, Alfonso Ribeiro and Scott Wilson, best known as Hershel from The Walking Dead. Personally, I’m most pumped for the Howard Scott Warshaw panel, as he’s the guy that made E.T. on the Atari 2600. It would be an honour to have him autograph my copy!

My shopping list for the day is looking pretty thin, but maybe that’s a good thing. My gut says though I’ll have no problem breaking the bank once I get there. If you’re heading out to the show, hope you have a great time!

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Nerds vs. Jocks at Fan Expo 2013

For many years, Fan Expo has been the definitive Canadian nerd experience. Recently, Hobby Star Marketing announced that the event would now also encompass sports. As a life-long fan of sports, I’m pumped to get to celebrate both at the same time. However, the reaction among the Fan Expo faithful doesn’t appear to be as enthusiastic.

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