Fan Expo Canada 2015 Recap

Fan Expo 2015Steff and I were just two of the over 127,000 people converged at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this year for Fan Expo Canada 2015. This year was our fifth consecutive year going and it was a good show. Definitely not my favourite Fan Expo, but one that was certainly worthwhile that kept me entertained throughout. Lots of stories and pictures to share with you, so let’s just get into it!

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I’m Going to Fan Expo 2015!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Toronto fans of all things nerdy, as Fan Expo Canada returns! If memory serves me correctly, this will be my 6th time going to the show. Here’s what I’m excited for this year!

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Secret Wars

The Marvel universe as we once knew it is no more! An event years in the making and one that culminates in the Secret Wars crossover event, Marvel Comics has destroyed what’s left of its multiverse by smashing the last two planets together. All that’s left is Battleworld, a patchwork of lands from different points in Marvel history. I generally avoid crossover events like the plague, but the promise of total annihilation was too hard to ignore. So far, I’m glad to to be in!

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Time to Suit Up: Raptors vs. Wizards in the 2015 NBA Playoffs

It’s been a season filled with highs and lows for the Toronto Raptors and their fans (me). Regardless of how rocky they were towards the back half of the year, the Raptors make their return to the playoffs to square off against the Washington Wizards in round 1. I know that the Raps have fared very well against the Wiz over the last few years, though I’m not ready to count out all-star point guard John Wall and grizzled veteran Paul Pierce just yet.

Steff and I were lucky enough to snag tickets for game 1, so we’ll be cheering our lungs out at the Air Canada Centre today. For the rest of the playoffs, we’ll probably still be cheering our lungs out, either from home or with the thousands congregating at “Jurassic Park” in front of the arena. Regardless of who you’re cheering for, I hope you enjoy this year’s NBA playoffs!

Also, let’s go Raptors!

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