I Just Want a Cape! – Super Mario World Live Stream

With my 3-year-old “nephew” tuning in, we decided to play a little bit of Super Mario World for him! I embarrass myself by being completely unable to get a cape, and I struggle to explain where Yoshi disappeared to after I jumped off his back to reach the final platform. Apologies for the conflicting music. Will remember to shut off the lo-fi beats for games where I want to play the music!

Click through for the full stream, highlights, and shoutouts!

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No Online Play for Asmodee Games on Nintendo Switch is a Deal-Breaker

Lost in the midst of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hype, Asmodee released the first of their digital board games to the Nintendo eShop. While I have not played Carcassonne on the Nintendo Switch, the physical board game is one of my faves, and the iOS port is stellar. I’m confident that the core gameplay is intact.

However, there’s one feature that is missing from this game that makes its purchase unjustifiable for me: online play. It also looks like the rest of the games in this series so far are also lacking online play. Without it, I’m probably not going to buy any of them, even if these are great renditions of great board games. Especially at the price they’re currently being sold for.

This is especially head-scratching, as you could play Carcassonne online on the Xbox 360 a decade ago. Its exclusion here is simply baffling. Until we get online play in here, I don’t see any reason to buy these versions over the physical board games or the much-cheaper-and-probably-just-as-good mobile ports.

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Double Jump vs. In Third Person in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Let’s Go Eevee!

Click the image to watch us battle on twitch.tv/xdoublejump!

In case you missed it last night, I had the honour of making an in-game cameo on Double Jump‘s live stream as Kris and I battled in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Let’s Go Eevee! It’s always fun to play and collaborate with them, even though I was fighting with everything I had. Kris’ Pikachu named Piper is no joke!

Watch us battle on twitch.tv/xdoublejump!

Thank you to both Kris and Rachel for allowing me to play with you on your stream. It’s all love at the end of the day, but with the Pokemon wars having officially begun, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate out tomorrow, I foresee a lot of confrontation between us!

If you haven’t already, give Double Jump a shot! They make awesome gaming content for their site that’s released daily and they stream multiple times a week. I read it every day and their stream is appointment viewing for me.

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River City Ransom Co-Stream with Kris & Rachel from Double Jump!

“Barf!” Continuing our first co-stream, Kris, Rachel, and I beat up thugs, eat sushi, and demonstrate questionable teamwork in River City Ransom! Streaming with Kris and Rachel was fantastic and I look forward to doing this again on our Extra Life 24-hour gaming marathon! Make sure to follow them on everything!




Dr Mario Co-Stream with Kris & Rachel from Double Jump!

Double dose of Double Jump today! Kris, Rachel, and I come together for our first co-stream! First on the docket is Dr. Mario! They’re awesome and it was so much fun getting to play games and hang out on stream together. If they’re not back on sooner, they’ll be joining me and many others on our Extra Life 24-hour gaming marathon! Make sure to follow them on everything!




Street Fighter V’s Terrible Launch Day

When I was playing my final retail copy of Street Fighter V before launch, everything was great when it came to its online functionality. Yesterday, it was abysmal. Disconnects everywhere, matchmaking was very slow, and for a while, didn’t work at all.

This sucks for everyone involved. Online games usually have problems at launch, but they ran the beta four times for this! Yet still, it breaks catastrophically. I’m guessing this will be fixed sooner rather than later, though this first night of Street Fighter V in the wild has been depressing.

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My Thoughts On “Pulling Out”

Since the dawn of online gaming, nothing is more annoying than playing with or against a quitter. Someone who will go as far as disconnecting from the Internet to sabotage a game, whether it’s to avoid losing or to rip someone off in a trade. If you play any video game online, you will run into these types of players. Even when some games penalize players for quitting early, it doesn’t stop everyone from behaving this way. I’m not saying anything prophetic or new here, but man…it sucks.

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Only The Strong Survive

I’m at the pre-game Modern Warfare 2 screen. With my Scar and heartbeat sensor attachment in hand, I watch the clock tick down till we’re Oscar Mike. I think this time will be better. The game begins, and I take a few steps forward. I see the red dots pop up in the distance. But before I can even begin setting up, my lifeless body hits the floor. The kill-cam shows the view from my murderer, shooting me through iron sights using a machine gun from over 100 yards away. Damn it.

Super Street Fighter IV and Online Play

For the longest time, I used to wonder why pro Street Fighter IV players would bash online play so much. It seemed like every single one of them would complain about how the game doesn’t play the same online as it does locally. As an amateur player who had spent the majority of Street Fighter IV time online, I thought it worked fine. Sure, there were instances where the game would clearly slow to a crawl, but I thought that I could play this game online the same way I would locally.

However, I’ve gotten a lot better in the last few months, and I’m really starting to see what many of the pro players were complaining about. As I’m learning new techniques, combos and tactics, I’m finding more and more that they don’t consistently work online, even with a great connection.
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