In Third Person’s Top 5 Favourite DS Games

With the Nintendo 3DS set to hit North America in a matter of days, it’s time to close the books on the Nintendo system that could. Who knew that the ugly and under-powered Nintendo DS would end up becoming one of the best-selling systems of all-time? Who knew the device would actually usher in a new era of casual gaming?

Though I’ll confess to not having played my DS in a very long time, I bought a ton of games for it during its hey day and had a lot of great memories with it. Before moving into the next era of handheld gaming, I thought I’d close things out by listing off my top 5 favourite Nintendo DS games.

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My Thoughts On “Pulling Out”

Since the dawn of online gaming, nothing is more annoying than playing with or against a quitter. Someone who will go as far as disconnecting from the Internet to sabotage a game, whether it’s to avoid losing or to rip someone off in a trade. If you play any video game online, you will run into these types of players. Even when some games penalize players for quitting early, it doesn’t stop everyone from behaving this way. I’m not saying anything prophetic or new here, but man…it sucks.

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