Neo Turf Masters on the Nintendo Switch Review

I am a sucker for golf games. Despite my general apathy towards the sport, I have been a fan of it in video game form since Golf on the NES. Since I’m also starving for different types of gaming experiences to try on the Switch, Neo Turf Masters fit perfectly in the middle of my personal Venn diagram. It has its quirks, but my experience with it was fairly positive.

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Mario Golf: World Tour Review

While I couldn’t care less about the real-life sport, Mario Golf has been a passion of mine ever since it’s debut on the Nintendo 64 in the 90s. With the perfect mix of fantasy elements and a rock-solid gameplay engine that is easy to grasp with a ton of depth for hardcore players to master. I actually played so much of that game that I was able to score birdies on every single hole.

Mario Golf: World Tour marks the long-awaited return of Nintendo’s iconic characters to the links. It’s also the first in the series to introduce online functionality. Should you be booking your next tee time in the Mushroom Kingdom?

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