No Online Play for Asmodee Games on Nintendo Switch is a Deal-Breaker

Lost in the midst of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hype, Asmodee released the first of their digital board games to the Nintendo eShop. While I have not played Carcassonne on the Nintendo Switch, the physical board game is one of my faves, and the iOS port is stellar. I’m confident that the core gameplay is intact.

However, there’s one feature that is missing from this game that makes its purchase unjustifiable for me: online play. It also looks like the rest of the games in this series so far are also lacking online play. Without it, I’m probably not going to buy any of them, even if these are great renditions of great board games. Especially at the price they’re currently being sold for.

This is especially head-scratching, as you could play Carcassonne online on the Xbox 360 a decade ago. Its exclusion here is simply baffling. Until we get online play in here, I don’t see any reason to buy these versions over the physical board games or the much-cheaper-and-probably-just-as-good mobile ports.

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Board Game Night Playlist: Introductory Dungeon Crawls

Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most influential games of all-time. It’s also one of the most intimidating. The game features a ton of rules and requires a group of players to have at least one that’s designated as Dungeon Master, which is a very difficult role to fill. To this day, I’ve never played actual D&D before and I’m not sure if I ever will.

With that said, that doesn’t mean I’ve been deprived of the dungeon crawling experience. D&D might be the original, though its core concepts have been streamlined, simplified, or just straight-up copied a countless number of times. This Board Game Night Playlist features dungeon raiding games that are fine-tuned for casual players to get their fix. Now let’s gear up and head into this introductory dungeon crawl playlist!

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Munchkin Review

MunchkinSteve Jackson’s dungeon crawler has been a staple in the tabletop gaming space for over a decade. At this point, you can buy Munchkin pretty much anywhere along with a countless number of expansions, spin-offs, booster packs and accessories. When I got into the designer board and card games a few years ago, this was one of the first games I played. Does Munchkin stand the test of time?

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The Board Game Shopping Experience

As a tabletop newbie with a lifetime of video game experience, I’ve noticed that shopping for tabletop games is very different from what I’m used to. With video games, they’re widely available at many different stores. Pricing for new titles is the same across all stores. Also, after a certain period of time, prices on games drop dramatically. Over time, I’ve come to learn that shopping for board games is not like that at all.

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The Rise of Tabletop Gaming

Back in my day, tabletop gaming wasn’t ‘cool’. They were played by kids, families, and nerds that I thought were far more nerdy than I. At the very least, that’s how I saw it. Even as late as my first experience at Fan Expo in 2010, I went into the tabletop gaming section and passed judgment with extreme prejudice.

What a difference a year makes. After being tricked by my girlfriend to partake in her friend’s Dominion night, I’ve actively partaken in many tabletop gaming nights and am slowly expanding my horizons in the genre. Apparently, I’m late to the party, because I get the sense that this scene has been in the midst of a resurgence for quite some time.

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