Blockbuster Party Game Review

For a younger generation, the box pictured above means absolutely nothing. For the rest of us old folk, its nostalgia is undeniable. Long before the advent of Netflix, we went to video rental stores like Blockbuster to rent movies in VHS format.

When my wife Steff and I first saw this box on the shelf, we immediately did a double take. No, this isn’t a remnant from the past. It’s the box for a new tabletop party game featuring the Blockbuster brand.

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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Review

Educational gaming’s most elusive thief is at it again! Carmen Sandiego and her gallery of rogues are stealing some of the world’s biggest landmarks, and it’s up to you gumshoes to throw them all in jail. Two-to-four players take part in this competitive deduction game where you’ll arrest members of her crew while aiming to be the one who wins the game by arresting Carmen herself. Can you track her down before she slips away again?

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Board Game Night! Codenames Highlights featuring Kris and Rachel from Double Jump, Mat from Biff Bam Pop, Jon @hotfiya and Steff @copperkeycosplay

If you are looking for serious Codenames matches, this may not be the video for you! But if you want a plethora of shocking reactions, weird stories, and non-stop laughs in only 15 minutes, you’ve come to the right place! Thank you Kris & Rachel from Double Jump, Mat from Biff Bam Pop, Jon @hotfiya, and my wife Steff @copperkeycosplay¬†for a fantastic board game night!

If you just can’t get enough, there’s plenty more laughs and good times to be shared by watching the full episode!

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Sagrada Review

Inspired by the unfinished Catholic church of the same name in Barcelona, it’s now your time to finish the job in Sagrada the board game. Players will each build a stained-glass window to display at the church with the best window being declared the winner. Do you have what it takes to design a masterpiece?

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T.I.M.E Stories: The Marcy Case Review

The Marcy Case is the first expansion for the co-operative adventure board game T.I.M.E Stories. As with the base game, you travel through time with the job of protecting the space-time continuum, which is no easy feat. This time, you’re sent off to 1992, where a mysterious disease is turning people in a particular city into zombie-like creatures.

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Lanterns: The Harvest Festival Review

The harvest is in and it’s time to celebrate! In Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, players act as artisans, decorating the lake around the castle with colourful lanterns. The player who earns the most honour by the end of the process is declared the winner. This isn’t a process that I’m familiar with in real life, but it does make for a neat and fairly light strategy game that sort of evokes the feelings that come with Ticket to Ride and Carcasonne.

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Bottom of the 9th Review

The tension in the stadium is palpable. It’s the end of the game and the score is tied between the scrappy underdogs at bat and the powerhouse squad on defense. If the underdogs can’t score now, their opposition will surely beat them in extra innings. This is the scenario you and one other player will face in Bottom of the 9th. Do you have what it takes to score the winning run or record the final out?

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Roll For It Review

Roll For It is almost as simple as it can get for a dice game. Rolling six dice, players attempt to create certain combinations to earn points. The first to earn 40 points wins. While there’s not much to the concept, it serves its purpose as a fast and family-weight dice game.

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Bad Beets Review

Dinner is served! Hope you like beets! No? Well too bad, you’re not leaving the table until you finish them all.

This is the start of Bad Beets, a card game in which players must get rid of all the beets from their plate before they can leave the dinner table. While you can just sit there and eat them, you can also get rid of your beets in faster, less honourable ways. Will you be the first to clear off your plate?

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