Growing Frustrations with the T.I.M.E Stories Franchise

The base game of T.I.M.E Stories is one of my all-time favourite board games. It took us on an incredible adventure that was wildly creative and unlike anything we’d ever played. We were so excited that the game already had more story expansions to play through.

Over time, our excitement in the franchise cooled. I spoke to this phenomenon in a video where I talked about the expansions. Ever since that original game, each expansion that followed has generally trended downward in terms of quality. The latest one we played, Estrella Drive, is the worst one yet.
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The Fantastic 4 Return to Marvel Legendary

Good news Marvel Legendary fans!

ICV2 reports that the Fantastic 4 expansion is coming back in print and will be available for purchase within 6-8 weeks. The expansion has been out of print for years due to “licensor-controlled issues” according to Upper Deck, but whatever was blocking the way has stepped aside for now.

I’m not a fan of the Fantastic 4 in the comics or movies, but it is a good expansion for Marvel Legendary. In particular, you’re going to want it in your collection to fight against Galactus. Look out for this one in stores this summer!

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Marvel Legendary’s Upcoming X-Men Big Box Expansion

Admittedly, I’ve been out of the Marvel Legendary loop for quite some time. It’s been many months since I played it last and quite possibly years since I bought anything for the game. That being said, news of X-Men being the focus of the next big box expansion may bring me back into the fold.

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T.I.M.E Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons Review

A Prophecy of Dragons is the 2nd expansion to T.I.M.E Stories. After jaunts through an asylum and a zombie-infested city, your team is warped out into an alternate universe during their medieval time to stop a rift in time from destroying the space-time continuum.

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T.I.M.E Stories: The Marcy Case Review

The Marcy Case is the first expansion for the co-operative adventure board game T.I.M.E Stories. As with the base game, you travel through time with the job of protecting the space-time continuum, which is no easy feat. This time, you’re sent off to 1992, where a mysterious disease is turning people in a particular city into zombie-like creatures.

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More Cash ‘N More Guns Review

More Cash ‘N More Guns is the aptly named expansion for Cash ‘N Guns. No one will claim false advertising on this one, as it certainly contains more cash and more guns. Is this expansion just more of the same? Or does it add to the base game in meaningful ways?

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Pick-Up Post: Star Wars X-Wing Millenium Falcon and Slave 1 Expansions

Star Wars X-Wing Millenium Falcon Slave 1

One of the biggest draws to Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures is the fact that it allows players to partake in an epic dogfight with ships from the Star Wars universe. The big caveat is that most of those ships are sold separately and the cost for creating fleets adds up quickly. After picking up the core set, I only bought one additional X-Wing so that our group could play 4-player games. The game made such a good first impression that I decided to fill out my fleets a bit more with two of the coolest ships in the galaxy.

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Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Marvel’s ragtag group of intergalactic heroes finally make their presence felt  in Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy. Inside this small box expansion, you’ll get the five protagonists from the movie, two new villain groups, two new masterminds, and the introduction of the most dramatically new gameplay mechanics since the game’s inception. They may be the stars of 2014’s biggest movie, but can they also hold their weight as an expansion for Marvel’s deck-building game?

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King of Tokyo: Power Up Review

King of Tokyo is spectacular at being an accessible and strategically-light dice game that virtually anyone can play and enjoy. However, that focus on casual play makes it a tougher sell for seasoned gamers looking for something deeper. King of Tokyo: Power Up aims to address that with a set of new cards that change how the game is played. Also, it comes with a Kung-Fu panda, and who doesn’t like pandas?

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Legendary: Fantastic 4 Review

Legendary: Fantastic 4Playing with your favourite Marvel superheroes and villains is clearly Legendary’s big draw. Having said that, the more I play the game, the more I appreciate the characters I don’t know or actively dislike. For instance, I dislike Hawkeye, but I think he’s great to use in the game thanks to his useful abilities.

I used that logic to justify my purchase of the Legendary: Fantastic 4 expansion. I don’t care much for Mr. Fantastic’s side of the Marvel universe, but the cards bring all-new elements to the experience. Are these gameplay benefits enough to overcome my indifference towards the Fantastic 4? More importantly, is this 100-card “small box” expansion worth it when the 350-card”big box” expansions like Dark City provide a much better cost-per-card value?

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