T.I.M.E Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons Review

A Prophecy of Dragons is the 2nd expansion to T.I.M.E Stories. After jaunts through an asylum and a zombie-infested city, your team is warped out into an alternate universe during their medieval time to stop a rift in time from destroying the space-time continuum.

While the core system is heavily rooted in Dungeons & Dragons, A Prophecy of Dragons is very much on the nose with its inspiration. All of your characters match the classic classes from the original role-playing game. Also, characters start with gold to buy items and certain elements can be collected throughout the game to help cast spells.

I like the idea of a classic dungeon crawl in this modern framework, but the general lack of story and the weak progression really fall flat here. For much of the game, you’re simply wandering around this world aimlessly. Then towards the end, something shakes the foundation of the game, which is kind of cool, and then it ends. Oh.

Unlike the base game and the first expansion, this one completely fails at pulling players through a compelling plot that builds into something cool. It also some other glaring issues, such as typos on cards, some confusing puzzles, a misleading name and a poor integration of the magic-wielding characters. They’re either useless or monumental, but you never get a sense of them just generally being handy at all times.

A Prophecy of Dragons falls well short of the bar set by the original and the first expansion. Die-hard fans will have a hard time ignoring this one, as there are certain elements of every expansion that appear to be laddering up to something bigger, but it’s just not that fun to play. I think even with the warning, I’m in too deep to take that advice. Just be warned then, this one is likely going to disappoint.

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