T.I.M.E Stories: The Marcy Case Review

The Marcy Case is the first expansion for the co-operative adventure board game T.I.M.E Stories. As with the base game, you travel through time with the job of protecting the space-time continuum, which is no easy feat. This time, you’re sent off to 1992, where a mysterious disease is turning people in a particular city into zombie-like creatures.

In this set, you will get two new decks of cards that feature new characters, locations and items for use in this adventure. All of the other components you’ll need exist within the base game.

From here, you’ll venture off into the city, fighting off zombies while trying to piece together exactly what you’re supposed to do. While this adventure isn’t as reliant on puzzle solving as the base game, I think the primary objective of it is really cool. It was a joy to work through the process until we got to the end.

My big gripe though came with the final payoff. Without spoiling anything, you get to the most critical moment of the game and we felt ill equipped to deal with it. We might have missed a few things along the way, which I guess is fine, but I don’t think there were enough signs to point you in the right direction.

I didn’t like The Marcy Case as much as the original due to this slight, though this expansion is still worthy of your time. It was fun to play through that world and save the day. Hoping that future expansions can take things even further!

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