Wavelength Review

On a scale of underrated-to-overrated, where along the spectrum does Goldeneye 007 rank? Wavelength is a party game for two or more players to create and answer these types of questions. Are you and your friends on the same…wavelength?


Core to the game is an odometer-like contraption. At the base level is a white circle with the scoring range. Grooves along the outer edge allow the clue-giver to spin it and randomly select a spot for the target. Above that is a plastic cover that hides the target range when other players have to guess. Finally, a red dial is used by the rest of the group to point at their answer.

The game also comes with a set of spectrum cards that denote the range of the scale. Depending on the turn, the range could be anything from underrated-to-overrated, small-to-tiny, cold-to-hot, or many more.

After setting the scoring range and the spectrum card, the clue-giver can only give one clue to get the rest of the group to guess where that scoring range is. For example, if the scale was hot-to-cold, I could say, “stove top”. From there, players have to figure out where they think stove top is on this scale (and hope that my clue hasn’t misled the team).

The ambiguous nature of categorizing stuff leads to a lot of hilarity. You will find out very quickly how different we all think and interpret the world, which leads to a lot of head-scratching, dropped-jaws, and heated debates over why broccoli is a good pizza topping. Even in the example above, I would assume a stove top is hot. But how hot is it relative to the sun? Or did the sun not even factor into the clue-giver’s thought process?

If you want, the game scales to pretty much any number of players. It can be played just for fun to break the ice. It has rules for a team-based competition. I personally like the game’s co-op mode, which tasks one group of scoring as many points as they can with only seven cards to work with. Exact answers will grant teams with an extra card, giving teams the opportunity to run up the score if they’re really in sync!

Wavelength is such a simple, yet elegant party game. Its a game that’s incredibly easy for anyone to understand, creates a lot of excitement and hilarity within a group, and possesses a ton of replay value. With so many spectrum cards, scale positions, and clues that can be given, Wavelength will continue to hit over the course of many plays. For those looking to add a party game to their collection, this is a must-have.

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