Wavelength Review

On a scale of underrated-to-overrated, where along the spectrum does Goldeneye 007 rank? Wavelength is a party game for two or more players to create and answer these types of questions. Are you and your friends on the same…wavelength?


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Blockbuster Party Game Review

For a younger generation, the box pictured above means absolutely nothing. For the rest of us old folk, its nostalgia is undeniable. Long before the advent of Netflix, we went to video rental stores like Blockbuster to rent movies in VHS format.

When my wife Steff and I first saw this box on the shelf, we immediately did a double take. No, this isn’t a remnant from the past. It’s the box for a new tabletop party game featuring the Blockbuster brand.

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Anomia Review

AnomiaIt’s always a good idea to have quality party games handy. In the past, classics like Scattegories and Pictionary have dominated the space for ages, but as board games continue to grow in popularity and mature with interesting gameplay mechanics, the party game genre is also growing with it. Anomia is one such title that is very different from anything else I’ve played. But is it good enough to break out when your parents are over?

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