The Fantastic 4 Return to Marvel Legendary

Good news Marvel Legendary fans!

ICV2 reports that the Fantastic 4 expansion is coming back in print and will be available for purchase within 6-8 weeks. The expansion has been out of print for years due to “licensor-controlled issues” according to Upper Deck, but whatever was blocking the way has stepped aside for now.

I’m not a fan of the Fantastic 4 in the comics or movies, but it is a good expansion for Marvel Legendary. In particular, you’re going to want it in your collection to fight against Galactus. Look out for this one in stores this summer!

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Marvel Legendary’s Upcoming X-Men Big Box Expansion

Admittedly, I’ve been out of the Marvel Legendary loop for quite some time. It’s been many months since I played it last and quite possibly years since I bought anything for the game. That being said, news of X-Men being the focus of the next big box expansion may bring me back into the fold.

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Board Game Talk: #boardgamecollectiongoals

I list out a few things I want my board game collection to encompass. What are your #boardgamecollectiongoals?

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Knowing When to Stop Buying Board Game Expansions

Marvel Legendary

Who doesn’t want more of a good thing? This is the logic that drives the sale of expansions of any sort. With board games, I’m not one to shy away from purchasing additional items to supplement my main purchase. Just to name a few, we have three out of four Pandemic expansions, almost all of the Marvel Legendary expansions, and hundreds of additional dice for Dice Masters.

Once you start down the expansion rabbit hole, it’s hard to stop. The urge to have a complete collection kicks in and making the decision to cut things off can get quite difficult. When is the right time to pull the plug?

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Board Game Night Playlist: Superhero Games

Whether it be on the silver screen, Saturday morning cartoons, or lunchboxes, superheroes have existed outside of the comic book pages for almost as long as they’ve existed. I, for one, knew of Spider-Man and the X-Men first from their cartoon exploits, while my first real exposure to Batman was from the Michael Keaton movie back in 1989. Superheroes have also had a presence in the board game space for decades, though the vast majority of these efforts were shoddy cash grabs.

Some of the modern superhero games still are poor titles that are excuses to make a quick buck, though both DC and Marvel have made honest efforts to improve their board game portfolios to the point where they both have games that are great by any measure. If you’re in the mood to live the superhero experience in tabletop gaming form, try these ones out!

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Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Marvel’s ragtag group of intergalactic heroes finally make their presence felt  in Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy. Inside this small box expansion, you’ll get the five protagonists from the movie, two new villain groups, two new masterminds, and the introduction of the most dramatically new gameplay mechanics since the game’s inception. They may be the stars of 2014’s biggest movie, but can they also hold their weight as an expansion for Marvel’s deck-building game?

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In Third Person Comic Book Show: Board Games Based on Comics

Branching out beyond the stories, I cover some of the big comic book board games, card games and dice games on the market. If you’re a fan of the comics, you might want to try some of these!

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