The Fantastic 4 Return to Marvel Legendary

Good news Marvel Legendary fans!

ICV2 reports that the Fantastic 4 expansion is coming back in print and will be available for purchase within 6-8 weeks. The expansion has been out of print for years due to “licensor-controlled issues” according to Upper Deck, but whatever was blocking the way has stepped aside for now.

I’m not a fan of the Fantastic 4 in the comics or movies, but it is a good expansion for Marvel Legendary. In particular, you’re going to want it in your collection to fight against Galactus. Look out for this one in stores this summer!

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Legendary: Fantastic 4 Review

Legendary: Fantastic 4Playing with your favourite Marvel superheroes and villains is clearly Legendary’s big draw. Having said that, the more I play the game, the more I appreciate the characters I don’t know or actively dislike. For instance, I dislike Hawkeye, but I think he’s great to use in the game thanks to his useful abilities.

I used that logic to justify my purchase of the Legendary: Fantastic 4 expansion. I don’t care much for Mr. Fantastic’s side of the Marvel universe, but the cards bring all-new elements to the experience. Are these gameplay benefits enough to overcome my indifference towards the Fantastic 4? More importantly, is this 100-card “small box” expansion worth it when the 350-card”big box” expansions like Dark City provide a much better cost-per-card value?

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Pick-Up Post: Board Game Edition

Forbidden DesertEven though hot new video games are finally start to trickle in after months of inactivity, it’s going to have a hard time shaking me of my current interest in board games. In this pick-up post, I highlight some of my most recent purchases, which includes one new game and two expansions for some of my favourites!

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Legendary’s Expansion Strategy

photo(19)Originally released in 2012, Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game is one that I fell in love with during the summer of 2013. By then, Upper Deck had already announced its plans to support the game through “Big Box” and “Small Box” expansions. Big Box expansions, such as Dark City, contain upwards of 350 cards that will release every August. Small Box expansions, such as the Fantastic 4 expansion, have up to 100 cards that will release every 3-4 months. It’s exciting to know that Upper Deck and Marvel plan to support this game with a steady flow of content, though I do have concerns about how things are priced.

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