Legendary: Fantastic 4 Review

Legendary: Fantastic 4Playing with your favourite Marvel superheroes and villains is clearly Legendary’s big draw. Having said that, the more I play the game, the more I appreciate the characters I don’t know or actively dislike. For instance, I dislike Hawkeye, but I think he’s great to use in the game thanks to his useful abilities.

I used that logic to justify my purchase of the Legendary: Fantastic 4 expansion. I don’t care much for Mr. Fantastic’s side of the Marvel universe, but the cards bring all-new elements to the experience. Are these gameplay benefits enough to overcome my indifference towards the Fantastic 4? More importantly, is this 100-card “small box” expansion worth it when the 350-card”big box” expansions like Dark City provide a much better cost-per-card value?

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