Legendary: Fantastic 4 Review

Legendary: Fantastic 4Playing with your favourite Marvel superheroes and villains is clearly Legendary’s big draw. Having said that, the more I play the game, the more I appreciate the characters I don’t know or actively dislike. For instance, I dislike Hawkeye, but I think he’s great to use in the game thanks to his useful abilities.

I used that logic to justify my purchase of the Legendary: Fantastic 4 expansion. I don’t care much for Mr. Fantastic’s side of the Marvel universe, but the cards bring all-new elements to the experience. Are these gameplay benefits enough to overcome my indifference towards the Fantastic 4? More importantly, is this 100-card “small box” expansion worth it when the 350-card”big box” expansions like Dark City provide a much better cost-per-card value?

Inside the box, you’ll find five heroes, two masterminds, two villain groups and four schemes. Rounding out the heroes side is the Silver Surfer, who must help the Fantastic 4 stop Mole Man and Galactus from completing their dirty work. Some of their schemes are quite dastardly, including one that drowns hero cards as water rises and another that flips your use of recruit and attack points. Schemes are the secret best part of the Legendary experience, and the new ones that come with the expansion are worth additions. It’s worth noting though that this continues the trend that started with Dark City of content that is notably tougher than the stuff that’s already challenging in the base game.

Legendary: Fantastic 4 GalactusMole Man and his cronies pose an annoying challenge, as they can leverage the Burrow keyword to dodge your attacks by moving into the streets.As for Galactus, he and his minions pose the biggest challenge to the game yet. Galactus has a whopping 20 attack points and his Master Strikes destroy parts of the city until the whole thing is obliterated. Even his associates are crazy powerful, as most of them have higher attack point ratings than the masterminds in the main game. While they are strong, they aren’t invincible, as the Cosmic Threat keyword makes them susceptible to a series of attack cards of the same type. If you hope to stand a chance against this group, you must be extremely mindful of the way in which you build your deck for maximum impact.

Legendary: Fantastic 4The opposition in this expansion are really difficult, but your squad of heroes have a few tricks up their sleeves as well. Many of their cards take advantage of the Focus keyword. By using it, players can convert their recruit points into other benefits, such as extra attack points, extra cards and more. Having this ability handy makes your recruit points much more versatile. In particular, I like the Focus cards that greatly increase your attack points so that you can lay the smackdown on your foes. Out of the five heroes in the pack, the Human Torch and Silver Surfer are my favourites to play as, even though they’re the characters I’m least interested in outside of the game. If you’re able to get the right series of cards in hand, these heroes really pack a punch.

I really enjoy the new dynamics that the Legendary: Fantastic 4 expansion brings to the table. Both heroes and villains are capable of crazy feats that are fun to explore. Thanks to the modular nature of the game, you can mix and match any combination of components between this or any other cards in the game for a fully customized experience. It may not be the best financial value in relation to Dark City, but the characters fill an obvious void and they’re fun to use.

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