Board Game Talk: #boardgamecollectiongoals

I list out a few things I want my board game collection to encompass. What are your #boardgamecollectiongoals?

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The Curious Case of the Out of Print Legendary: Fantastic 4 Expansion

Legendary: Fantastic 4

[UPDATE: The Fantastic 4 expansion is coming back into print!]

Over the holidays, my friend and fellow Marvel Legendary fan Jamaal brought it to my attention that the Fantastic 4 expansion was no longer in print. Admittedly, I haven’t been keeping my fingers to the pulse of this game of late, but its been out of retail for over a year now. While I was lucky enough to get my copy for retail price, Jamaal isn’t as fortunate. When it appears on eBay, the asking price for this $20 expansion is usually in the hundreds.

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